Well, there has been so much happen in 2020 in the blockchain scene all over the world. Particularly in Australia.

2021 offers so many more new opportunities to and for all of us who can see them laying there, ripe for the pickings!

Wish everyone a great 2021.


A Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency has just been offered on Bitfinex. The Japanese Government is joining the ranks of several other Governments that are building their own Cryptocurrency Token. It will not be long before most major Governments in the world offer a State-Backed Cryptocurrency. You can earn compound interest when you deposit Cryptocurrency into a Celsius wallet. Celsius loans out Cryptocurrency and if you deposit Cryptocurrency into a Celsius wallet, they will pay a portion of the proceeds they earn by lending your Cryptocurrency.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

Tether Launches Gold-Backed Stablecoin and Begins Trading on Bitfinex

Japanese Officials Are Working on a Digital Currency

Celsius to Begin Offering Compounding Interest on Crypto Deposits

Bitcoin ETF still possible but Grayscale may get first nod

Mimic Professional Traders on DeFi Using Social Trading


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How To Buy Cryptocurrency in Australia in 2019.

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Bitcoin Daily: Bitfinex Reimbursed $110K In Stolen Crypto; Australia Eyes Blockchain For X-Border Payments Reporting26/2/2019
U.S. federal law enforcement agencies have recovered $110,000 worth of stolen bitcoin, and returned …
#Bitcoin #Daily #Bitfinex #Reimbursed #$110K #In #Stolen #Crypto #Australia #Eyes #Blockchain #For #XBorder #Payments #Reporting26/2/2019

Philippine Crypto Valley to Attract Companies From Japan, Korea and Australia – Bitcoin News
The Philippine government-owned Cagayan Economic Zone Authority has unveiled a plan to attract Japanese, Korean and Australian companies to its โ€œCrypto Valley of Asia.โ€ The authority is also cracking down on crypto companies operating within its economic zone without a license. Also read:ย Indian Sup…
#Philippine #Crypto #Valley #to #Attract #Companies #From #Japan #Korea #and #Australia #Bitcoin #News

โ–บ #BitcoinNews – #AltCoinnews – #cointelegraph – #coindesk – #coinmarketcap
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