There is a huge demand shock for bitcoin. In this video we will take a look how that demand may possibly drive bitcoin over $200k in 2021 then we will take a look what is going on with ripple XRP.

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WOW!!! BITCOIN YOUTUBERS ARE BEING ATTACKED!! Who is behind the attacks?

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Software Used: Python, PHP, MYSQL and Multichain

We try to detect the insider attack using the tamper resistance property of Blockchain. We have implemented and tested our
solution using Multichain on an academic grading application.

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In this paper, a new replay attack based on Ethereum smart contracts is presented. In the token transfer, the risk of replay attack cannot be completely avoided when the sender’s signatures are abused, which can bring the loss to users. And the reason is that the applying scope of the signatures is not properly designed in the smart contracts. To test and verify this loophole, we selected two similar smart contracts for our experiment, at the same time, we used our own accounts in these two contracts to carry out the experiment. Because the same signatures of the two contracts were used in the experiment, we got a double income from sender successfully. The experiment verified that the replay attack is really exist. Besides, the replay attack may exist in multiple smart contracts. We calculated the number of smart contracts with this loophole, as well as the corresponding transaction activities, which find some Ethereum smart contracts are risked for this loophole. According to the vulnerability of the contract signature, the risk level is calibrated and depicted. Furthermore, the replay attack pattern is extended to within contract, cross contract and cross chain, which provide the pertinence and well reference for protection. Finally, the countermeasures are proposed to fix this vulnerability.

It’s Invest Diva’s Kiana Danial with News BTC, and I’m coming to you after a red wave attacked the crypto market right before the Bitcoin Cash hard fork that I talked about a few weeks ago. Bitcoin Cash saw the steepest losses in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, losing over 15% by the end of Wednesday’s New York trading session. Bitcoin tested below the $6,000 psychological support level and briefly touched the lows of back in 2017 at $5,682, creating a great buying opportunity as I had advised Invest Diva’s investing group members. We had been waiting for this red wave for a very long time, and personally, I was getting a bit impatient with it. Now we’re waiting to see if this psychological level holds, and will help Bitcoin and the rest of the market to bottom out. The last times Bitcoin dropped to this level was in June and August 2018, and each time it was able to reverse back up to key resistance levels shortly after. This time around, the upcoming moves may significantly depend on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. So far, Coinbase is planning to monitor the event closely and potentially shut down Bitcoin Cash trading ahead of the hard fork in order to minimize customer disruption. The exchange had already announced that all payments and receipts of BCH in the Coinbase wallet would be paused on their platform, beginning 8 am on Thursday morning. Now I’d like to hear from you. Do you think Wednesday’s red wave was temporary and could help the cryptocurrency to gain a renewed energy? What do you think about Bitcoin Cash hard fork, and how are you planning to manage your assets during and after the event? Let me know in the comments, and subscribe for more updates!

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