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The Crypto Valley Association Working Group Education cordially invites interested authors to submit research papers for its 2022 Research Review carded for 30 September 2022 Similar to several industries, the traditional financial industry has been [More]
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D’CRYPT – S01 EP 17 180522 We hear a lot about how blockchain is revolutionizing business, but as traditional business leaders, we often don’t know where to start. Today, we welcome a top advisor for [More]
Crypto Valley Association is home to more than 700 members of the blockchain space and has positioned itself at the forefront of both blockchain start-up development and investors with a mission to make Switzerland shine [More]
▶Dubai’s positioning in terms of blockchain ▶Working towards mass adoption in terms of infrastructure ▶Tokenization and its use in the creators’ market #AIBC #crypto #blockchain #tokenization #dubai
The Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Iran has blocked the activities of the Iran Blockchain Community (IBC), but the association claims they still haven’t received direct notice. The Social Affairs Organization of [More]
Guest, Sheraz Ahmed, Managing Partner of STORM Partners, an all-in-one solution provider for cryptocurrency and blockchain space in Europe and Head of Business Development at the Crypto Valley Association, joins Ashlie Meredith to discuss rallying [More]
🛑 Bithumb Reportedly For Sale Following Numerous Police Raids. Visa, Goldman Sachs and Mick Mulvaney join leading blockchain trade 👉🏾👉🏾Click “SHOW MORE” for Additional Info. & Disclosures 👈🏾👈🏾 association. Europe’s central bank is concerned about [More]
OpenVASP Association and the open protocol to implement FATF’s travel rule for virtual assets. Speakers: Chris Gschwend – Co-Chair of Regulatory Working Group at CVA & Trade Compliance Advisor Delphine Forma – Head of Compliance [More]
Source: Crypto Corner Episode 442: Crypto Firm Bluesky Announces Crypto Valley Association Membership, and China’s Digital Currency Being Tested on Small Transactions
Engin Çağlar – (Crypto Valley Association) Possible Structural Effects of Blockchain Technologies on Network Systems, Business Models and Ecosystems Crypto Valley Association dan davetli konuşmacımız Engin Caglar’ dan pazartesi günü çok güzel bilgiler ve tavsiyeler [More]
Recording of CVA online event on crypto exchanges, on June 10 2020, with: – – Stephen Stonberg, Director, COO and CFO at Bittrex – Lucian Aguilar, Account Management at Kraken – Dotun Rominiyi, Blockchain & [More]
Crypto Valley Association & Cointelegraph are bringing you some of the most influential people from the biggest companies in the cryptosphere. Learn more about mining, investment, analytics and security. Get your Cointelegraph merch here: [More]
Alex sat down with SFTA President, John Hucker, CFA, to discuss the common themes at Switzerland’s two leading ecosystem building Associations, such as track record, opportunities, challenges, and what makes Switzerland a world leader. The [More]
The Crypto Valley Association held its first launch event for its Western Chapter on December 2, 2019, in Lausanne at the EPFL Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The event featured several panels where industry experts [More]
Krypto-Unternehmen sind für die Schweiz Chance und Risiko. Trotz der Kontroverse um die in Genf registrierte Facebook-Währung Libra glaubt Herbert Sterchi vom Finanzdepartement des «Krypto-Kantons» Zug an die Chancen.
Keynote by Daniel Haudenschild, President of the Crypto Valley Association: “Core challenge to raise the actual and perceived trustlessness and trustworthiness of blockchains in the banking sector”
“Uber, fly and take the train in one ticket. That’s the potential of blockchain,” says Oliver Bussmann, president of Crypto Valley Association. In dialogue with CNNMoney Switzerland’s Amanda Kayne, he explains how the smart contracts [More]
Keynote by Daniel Haudenschild, President of the Crypto Valley Association: “Core challenge to raise the actual and perceived trustlessness and trustworthiness of blockchains in the banking sector”
Oliver Bussmann, president, Crypto Valley Association, talks to The Banker’s Joy Macknight about cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.
“The Crypto Valley Association has stuttered in its job of being an effective organization,” says current president Daniel Haudenschild. He explains how he’s rebuilding its reputation after criticisms of infighting with plans to ramp up [More]
decentraLIVE host Owen McCall catches up with Ian Simpson, Director of Communications for the Crypto Valley Association, to bring you the 3 key initiatives of the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) For more exclusive content check [More]
Cyfrowa Ekonomia przekazuje najważniejsze informacje z polskiej branży blockchain i kryptowalut. Publikujemy informacje w formie wideo, wywiady z ekspertami z branży i zapisy konferencji. Portal Cyfrowa Ekonomia został wpisany do Rejestru Dzienników i Czasopism prowadzonego [More]
Swiss Crypto Valley Association Leadership Steps Down After Governance Review – Bitcoin News More than half of the members of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley Association (CVA) board have announced their decision to step down in January. [More]
æternity presentation for the Crypto Valley Association in Geneva.
Prof Rene Husler, Crypto Valley Association – a local initiative goes global. 크립토밸리 협회, 1명의 직원과 수십명의 자원봉사자들이 운영하는 500명 회원을 가진 블록체인협회. 지구촌의 ICO를 희망하는 기업들에게 자문해주고 크립토밸리 밋업행사 컨프런스등 을 진행하여. 재정을 탄탄히 [More]
43 Women nominated for the Swiss Crypto Valley Association Council – Bitcoin News ————– Subscribe: —————- Source: —————- Thank You !
1. Why is Zug Valley alongside Zurich positioned as top crypto locations? 2. What are the top two challenges and opportunities in today’s blockchain industry? 3. What are your views on Blockchain Fest?