Over the last year, institutional investors have been flocking toward crypto assets like bitcoin and after Microstrategys initial bitcoin purchase, the trending institutional demand for crypto started swelling.
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decentralized asset management fund – http://bit.ly/peakdefi-fund – PEAKDEFI Global Fund has become a decentralized asset management fund developed by the MarketPeak Network.

This defi hedge fund connects crypto investors, financial asset managers and affiliates by different income streams, like profits from crypto trading, staking the PEAKDEFI PEAK token and referral rewards among more!

The PEAKDEFI decentralized asset management fund is based on a decentralized asset management protocol which lets the portfolio managers trade investors’ assets in a non-custodial way.

The PEAKDEFI Global Fund’s decentralized asset management protocol is becoming one of the biggest names in defi including framework ventures and specialized DeFi research backing the expansion of the decentralized asset management fund.

The PEAKDEFI decentralized crypto hedge fund has recently successfully been launched as a decentralized crypto hedge fund powered by the MarketPeak network with a rewarded crypto community of about 50,000 crypto users of the MarketPeak platform.

The fund realized within the first weeks a 21% ROI.
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Enjoy the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdHrvUUBWYY
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Leading crypto-asset fund manager Grayscale just recorded a massive milestone to its Twitter. This comes as the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, along with Ethereum and smaller altcoins, have erupted higher in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin traded as high as $17,850 on Tuesday, nearing its all-time high price closer to $20,000. Today, the U. S.-based digital asset fund manager Grayscale hit a $10 billion milestone. This was driven by two trends: a rapid uptick in the price of Bitcoin, which is now up by approximately 60% in the past month and is up 5% in the past day alone, and a strong amount of inflows into the Grayscale products. Grayscale has seen a strong uptick in institutional money entering its funds due to the increasing interest in the cryptocurrency as a hedge against other markets and an arbitrage opportunity, where crypto institutional players can sell their shares in the funds on secondary markets for a premium. There is a vast amount of institutional money entering the space, validating the ongoing rally that Bitcoin is seeing at the moment. Stanley Druckenmiller, a Wall Street billionaire, last week revealed that he has a position in Bitcoin. He said the cryptocurrency may be a better investment that gold, especially in the inflationary times that we see today. Paul Tudor Jones is another cryptocurrency bull that recently has begun to enter the space. He wrote in a May research note:It’s worth noting that there is also retail money entering the crypto space. For one, Square reported $1.6 billion in Bitcoin sales over Q3 of 2020.

All data is taken from the source: https://www.newsbtc.com/
Article Link: https://www.newsbtc.com/news/company/top-crypto-asset-manager-grayscale-surpasses-10-billion-aum/

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In this video we go over some of the most major announcements in the crypto space for the month of October. Kevin hart says crypto is a valuable asset class, kanye west gives his opinion on bitcoin, coinbase launches a visa debit card to US residents where you can in 4% cashback in stellar lumens XLM, The chairmen of the SEC propeses the tokenization of stocks, digital assets, rothschilds invested in crypto currency, michael saylor from microstrategy announces they run a bitcoin node to help support the bitcoin network, grayscale has record assets under management AUM, altcoin adoptions gaining steam, and more!

Moving forward I plan on doing more like this, and daily crypto news. Every day we will cover crypto news, bitcoin news, altcoin news, fear and greed indexes, bitcoin google trends, charts, bitcoin price.

I am also willing to cover ETH, LINK, ADA, XRP, BTC, XTZ, VET, etc..

Let me know if there is any specific type of video you would like to see ! 🙂

This is not financial advice.

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In this episode, we dive into the world of cryptocurrencies with Eric Anziani, Chief Operating Officer of Crypto.com. He walks us through the history of cryptocurrencies, and how cryptocurrencies have evolved since the invention of Bitcoin. Eric also reveals why cryptocurrencies appeal to both investors and users alike. And, if you’re wondering how you can invest in cryptocurrencies, Eric shares with us some ways you can start investing.

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On Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the ASROC Conference in Los Angeles, Katya Kovalenko, Partner at P2P Capital will speak on a panel covering asset backed cryptocurrencies, such as USDT and gold backed crytpocurrencies.

ASROC focuses only on cryptocurrency trading. It is for active traders of bitcoin and other alt coins.

The event will discuss:

– Crypto Trading Strategy
– Arbitrage
– Exchanges
– Automated trading bots
– Sentiment Analysis
– Algorithms
– Market manipulation
– Technical indicators

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Keith Gidlow, Bitcoin Advisor at Asset Choices will speak on a panel covering cryptocurrency trading strategy. This will be on October 9, 2017 at the ASROC Conference in London.

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META 1 Blockchain Asset Assignment
🕰Several technologies have stunned the world over the last two decades.
📺These technologies include the World Wide Web, cloud computing, smartphones, and social media.
📻However, there is one technology that has the potential to disrupt the global economic system, and this technology is Blockchain technology.
🕰This technology is still new, and most people don’t have much knowledge about it.
📺The potential of this technology is demonstrated by the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.
📻Blockchain technology gave birth to dozens of cryptocurrencies over the last few years.
🕰The best thing about these currencies is that most of them are decentralized.
📺2019’s Biggest Cryptocurrencies Ranked By Performance:
📻META 1 has taken crypto to the next level by not just transforming from a fiat US Dollar to a fiat Private Digital Currency but has created a Smart Coin with collateral, and a Market Witness incorporating external market feeds.
🕰META 1 is the next generation of Collateralized, Smart Private Digital Currency.
📺The META 1 Coin architecture is designed to allow a variety of asset types to be assigned to the coin – all supporting coin appreciation.
📻Asset assignment information will be visible through a publicly accessible website and will also feed into the Smart Contracts defining the coin value.
🕰This figure shows the interface where asset assignment data is recorded for the Smart Contracts and then published on the blockchain for public records.
Please feel free to contact @meta1coin for more details 💭 and share some🧡in the comments below.
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On Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the ASROC Conference in Los Angeles, Matthew Gertler, Co-Founder of Digital Asset Research will participate on a panel covering cryptocurrency exhanges & arbitrage.

ASROC focuses only on cryptocurrency trading. It is for active traders of bitcoin and other alt coins.

The event will discuss:

– Crypto Trading Strategy
– Arbitrage
– Exchanges
– Automated trading bots
– Sentiment Analysis
– Algorithms
– Market manipulation
– Technical indicators

(X) NO ICOs will present at the event.
(X) NO “basics of blockchain” will present either

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On Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the ASROC Conference in Los Angeles, Matthew Gertler, Co-Founder of Digital Asset Research will speak on a panel covering asset backed cryptocurrencies, such as USDT and gold backed crytpocurrencies.

ASROC focuses only on cryptocurrency trading. It is for active traders of bitcoin and other alt coins.

The event will discuss:

– Crypto Trading Strategy
– Arbitrage
– Exchanges
– Automated trading bots
– Sentiment Analysis
– Algorithms
– Market manipulation
– Technical indicators

(X) NO ICOs will present at the event.
(X) NO “basics of blockchain” will present either

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Cryptocurrency Market Update September 29 2019 – Bakkt To Asset Bubbles
In this week’s cryptocurrency market update we look at all the latest news headlines for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, US, Trump, ECB, China, Australia, currency wars, stock markets & more. Bitcoin broke down this week with Altcoins following lower. Stock markets struggled as central banks injected reserves to sure up overnight Repo markets. Trump faced impeachment but shrugged it off. Stimulus & interest rate cuts have been implemented in Europe & are likely coming soon to all countries.
#Bitcoin #Finance #Australia

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Asset backed cryptocurrencies are the latest fad, but are they all bark and no bite or will some of them go on to great things – read about them here

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OpenCrowd CEO Sushil Prabhu discusses asset-backed tokens and how they differ from traditional cryptocurrency tokens

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OpenCrowd CEO Sushil Prabhu discusses asset-backed tokens and how they differ from traditional cryptocurrency tokens

I’m going to talk about why I think Bitcoin is the world’s first ideal money and first ideal speculative asset and how this is distinguishable from the money we see today and how we discussed the whole topic prior to bitcoin.

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Managing digital rights and permission using Blockchain

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Cryptocurrency news! The official website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance announced that the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance is establishing a working group to discuss and develop the legal framework for the encryption tax law.

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