🚀🚀🚀 Ethereum (ETH) is ready for take off! In this video, we discuss why ETH is likely to be breaking all-time high in the next few days and why this will also start a huge altcoin rally. Also updates on Polkadot DOT, Cardano ADA and Chainlink LINK.

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00:00 ETH SURGE intro
1:18 Crypto Giveaway
2:28 Crypto Membership Update!
3:42 Cryptocurrency Market Update
5:56 ETH Testing $2k Soon?
6:26 Altcoin Season Coming
7:07 ETH Supply Shortage Is Bullish!
8:06 Why ETH Is Bullish and Breaking All-Time High Soon
10:38 Institutions Buying ETH and Market Cap
13:10 ETH Surge Outro

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Protesters gathered Wednesday outside state offices in three cities, calling for a fix to Florida’s unemployment system.

What are cryptocurrencies? Why are governments around the world so skeptic about cryptocurrencies potentially disrupting the financial systems through blockchain? how are Indian regulators defining them? Navin Gupta and Sagar Sarbhai of Ripple clear all the confusion

Blockshow Asia 2018 Security in and around the Blockchain – Summit Seoul 2018

Throughout 2017, cryptocurrencies reached the mainstream. But beyond speculation, and deeper than the awareness of the masses, lie the true ideals behind this movement. This series is made of conversations with key figures of the community, in varied moments & locations around the world.

It’s montage and production is being led by Paratii and BossaNovaFilms, but we want anyone interested to get involved. This is the only way to make something that truly reflects the huge social experiment we’re witnessing.

The 2nd episode, “Scars of Consensus” shines a light on stuff that happened after the consolidation of Bitcoin… and the dispersion of part of its community into a series of different initiatives. In particular, we focus on Ethereum, and the adventures it’s been through since its birth.

Around the Block is an episodical panorama of the decentralisation movement fuelled in part by cryptocurrencies. The first episode of the series, “The Genesis Block”, offers a glimpse into previous attempts in creating digital money followed by the invention of Bitcoin. Throughout several interviews with prominent people in the blockchain space, we’ll briefly explore the vision behind this new technology and potential use cases beyond cryptocurrencies.

Tax lawyer Rob Wood explains how crypto owners in high tax states may be able to avoid state income taxation on gains by the use of special trusts. For more information, go to http://sequencemedianews.com/

We’ve all heard the buzzwords. Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. Mining. But what does it mean? How hard or expensive is it to get involved, and is it illegal? We’ll answer some common beginner questions surrounding cryptocoin. It may not be as complicated as you believe!

Bitcoin miners shutting down again! Last time I saw this happen was in 2018. BAKKT has put Bitcoin in a really bad spot!

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Today let’s look at Bitcoin’s price and how it compares to the hashrate. Which follows which? And take a look at other Cryptocurrency news.

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Hi there well Bitcoin remains around $5,000 today. On Wednesday Bitcoin hit its highest level in a few months, so let’s take a look. We saw it climb past $5,400. We then saw it drop below $5,000 today, before heading a little higher yet again.

This week San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the launch of Coinbase Card, a Visa debit card. Coinbase Card is powered by customers’ Coinbase account crypto balances, giving them the ability to pay in-store and online using bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and more.

Binance Coin experienced the biggest gains out of the the top 20 today. Binance Labs, the venture arm of cryptocurrency exchange Binance today announced a grant of US$15,000 to each of its first three open-source Fellowship projects. Binance coin is in 7th place in terms of marketcap. Today Binance Coin is around $18. This day last year, it was only around $12.

Sources: Coinmarketcap.com

Please remember this is news, not investment advice.

– Ohio Taxes Become Crypto-Friendly
– Nasdaq Announces Bitcoin Futures Support
– VanEck, SolidX, and CBOE Meet With The SEC
– Google Searches For Bitcoin Hit Highest Level Since April
– Coincheck Finally Back In Business 10 Months After $530 Million Hack

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Speakers: Jerry Norton, CGI; TIm Yudin, Payments UK; Stig Korsgaard, Nets;

Value add services added through faster payment rails are being implemented. These services have been deployed in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and various other countries. Learn more about these services, their adoption curve, and how they are making a difference for financial institutions and in the market in general.

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