With Bitcoin volatility still rather high, it makes us wonder what could be in store for Ethereum. This simply could be the cool-down phase for Bitcoin to pave the way for other coins to make their own moves. In this video we discuss some key things we would like to see happen over the next few weeks in order to speculate on rapid appreciation of Ethereum against Bitcoin. Let me know where you think Ethereum is headed in the comments!



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Today we look at Bitcoin and all that is has going for it in the context of a post-COVID-19, and post BTC Halving digital asset.

We also examine recent news and performance by Digibyte DGB and take a sponsored look at the AAX exchange and its new token AAB.


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CashApp News @ 4:15
Bitcoin charts @ 9:15
BTC overbought explained @ 13:00
$11,800 @ 16:50
BTC consolidation @ 17:40
Bitcoin current move @ 25:40
BTC Resistance @ 33:30
Litecoin Picture @ 50:45
Litecoin current move @ 53:00

Bitcoin continues to move in price, and many are beginning to call for pullback or consolidation. Litecoin has not been doing much. In this live bitcoin technical analysis video, we discuss what may be ahead for both BTC and LTC price.

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Litecoin price makes another strong move ahead of Bitcoin. In this technical analysis video, we talk about LTC and what we may see next for LTC price.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.

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Ash Egan is a Principal at Accomplice focusing on early-stage blockchain and crypto investments. Previously, he was a founding Principal on the venture team at ConsenSys, the largest blockchain company in the world, where he led investments in BlockFi, Vault, RocketPool, and Quantstamp. Ash began his career in venture at Converge VC, where he focused primarily on blockchain/crypto and machine learning applications, and led the firm’s investment in Chainalysis’ seed round. Show notes & links below; subscribe for future episodes!

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This episode hosted by: Manasi Vora

Manasi is a Boston finance professional and blockchain enthusiast. A former portfolio manager for Dalal Capital Advisors, she’s more recently worked in research with the MIT Digital Currency Initiative. She served as Director of this year’s MIT Bitcoin Expo, and is the founder of Boston’s Women in Blockchain group.

00:27 – Ash’s painful story about a USB stick full of crypto

02:40 – Why Ash decided to focus on blockchain as a VC

04:00 – How investing at Accomplice differs from other blockchain & crypto investors

05:42 – Comparing ConsenSys ventures’ focus on the ethereum ecosystem to being a protocol-agnostic investors

07:35 – Areas of interest at Accomplice

11:30 – Investing in companies for equity vs investing in digital assets

13:20 – Valuation models for crypto networks

17:43 – Managing governance rights / responsibilities as a token-holding investors

20:00 – Where there’s the most startup activity in the space

23:11 – Alternative approaches to fundraising in the crypto space

24:42 – M&A activity approaching, and issues tokens raise

27:30 – Open finance / decentralized finance, and how it will impact the traditional finance industry

30:26 – Exit paths for crypto companies

32:31 – What Ash knows about crypto now that he wishes he knew 3 years ago

36:10 – Upcoming developments Ash is excited for

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0:00:00 Crypto Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drives Markets Higher as Dominance Approaches 55%

0:00:06 This update is brought to you by “CoinCheckup News Updates” and was originally published on “NewsBTC”.

0:00:12 Crypto markets moving up this Friday; Bitcoin leading the pack, Cosmos still climbing, BNB and Tezos doing well.

0:00:19 Following a week of consolidation crypto markets have started to move again as Bitcoin grinds ever higher.

0:00:25 The Friday momentum has pushed total market capitalization back towards the top of its trading range at $180 billion.

0:00:33 Heavy resistance resides here though so further gains may not be forthcoming so quickly.

0:00:38 A couple of hours ago Bitcoin hit an intraday high of $5,550 adding nearly 3 percent on the day which is the highest it has managed for over a week.

0:00:48 Heavy resistance in the form of the 50 week MA sits above it at $5,600 and it will be a challenge for BTC to break that.

0:00:56 At the moment though, the sentiment is bullish.

0:00:59 Ethereum has inched up a little in the shadow of its big brother.

0:01:03 ETH is currently trading at $164 adding a couple of percent on the day.

0:01:09 Ethereum has remained bearish for the past couple weeks despite a number of positive developments.

0:01:14 The top ten is largely in the green at the time of writing during morning trading in Asia.

0:01:19 The biggest move has been made by Binance Coin which has added a further 7 percent on the day to reach $23.40. The rest are adding a couple of percent on the tail of Bitcoin aside from XRP and Stellar which are flat or in decline.

0:01:34 The top twenty is a little more mixed at the moment.

0:01:37 Cosmos and Tezos are streaking out ahead with 13 and 8 percent added respectively as these two jostle for fifteenth place.

0:01:45 Maker has also woken up again gaining 4 percent today knocking Ontology out of the top twenty.

0:01:51 Thanks for checking out this video!
If you wanna read the whole article you can go to CoinCheckup.com or go to: “NewsBTC”, who originally published this news update on their website.


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