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In recent times, many blockchain solutions have been proposed for automatic electronic contracts on a blockchain. The most prominent example of it is Ethereum smart contracts. In many cases, it is necessary to be able [More]
In today’s clip we comment on the recent Ethereum funds hacked from the exchange Upbit moving across the blockchain, the hackers blatant message to would-be followers, and our tin-foil hat theory that hacking group Anonymous [More]
Episode page with Highlights & Time Stamps: Comment Giveaway Winner: Rickie Thompson 0:07:03 Bybit Bitcoin Braw Registration 0:03:33 Great “Get your Day Started” and be motivated life adice 0:08:25 Bitcoin Analysis and Trading 0:10:40 [More]
For more superb educational content visit our website Anonymity in cryptocurrencies Confidentiality and privacy (financial and in general) are becoming more and more important nowadays as the world has pretty much given up on [More]
The panel discussion with Monero, Zcash, HORIZEN people will raise both philosophical and technical questions related to truly anonymous cryptocurrencies. What impact will they have on our society? How can the governments cope with their [More]