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Mexico’s crypto scene is booming again, with one of the nation’s largest crypto exchanges, Bitso, claiming it has reached the 1 million active user mark. In an interview with El Economista, Daniel Vogel, Bitso’s CEO stated that crypto was continuing to gain ground in traditional markets like remittances, where it helps users reduce costs. Early last month, the exchange claimed that even the coronavirus pandemic had failed to slow down crypto remittances between Mexico and the United States. Now Bitso claims that crypto remittances between Mexico and Argentina are starting to gather pace. Mexico has also placed sixth in a list of countries with the largest proportion of crypto users, El Economista adds. The list was compiled by Statista, who found that 12% of Mexicans said they had previously handled or currently owned crypto. Although the list was topped by Turkey (with 20%), Latin America dominated the list. In joint second place were Brazil and Colombia with 18%, followed by Argentina with 16%. Vogel claimed that Bitso was “continuing to grow in Mexico and Argentina,” and was looking to further its “expansion in Latin America.”The exchange has also recently spoken about adopting Ripple’s new liquidity solution, and says it wants to make use of the service in its operations.___Learn more: Bitcoin Is Not Just a Dollar Gateway in ArgentinaVenezuelans Use Bitcoin as Gateway to Buy Foreign Fiat – Research

All data is taken from the source: http://cryptonews.com
Article Link: https://cryptonews.com/news/latin-american-crypto-exchange-bitso-says-it-has-1m-active-u-7070.htm

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CEO Eckelberry discusses how the world could better recycle waste water and deal with the coming water crisis by using BitCoin-based technology. (There is no assurance that OCLN will have an involvement).

Vechain(VET)’s big North American Partnership, is it Amazon,IBM, target, etc?

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American Express Patent Filing Touts Blockchain for Faster Payments
Global payment giant American Express may be looking into using blockchain to boost the speed of transactions. In a patent application released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, the credit card company’s travel arm – the American Express Travel Related Services Company – describes using the tech to facilitate payments between two parties by using transaction requests as a proxy. As described, a request for payment would be sent to the blockchain-based system, which would either be approved or rejected based on various factors, including a risk analysis. If the request for payment is approved, the system would automatically process the transaction, adjusting accounts held by both the payer and the receiver. In order to access the system, parties conducting a transaction must create digital wallets on the blockchain. As a result, the payments are conducted directly through the blockchain, rather than through a third-party banking institution. The patent filing referenc…

David Mills, Assistant Director of the Reserve Bank Operations and Payment Systems Division of the U.S. Federal Reserve, addressed the role of central banks in modernizing payments systems and described the objective of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board as providing safe and efficient payment systems. Mills expressed cautious optimism that cryptocurrencies offered as an alternative to the current system of payments, but concern about the risks that non-bank actors would bring into the financial system.. He pointed to Ripple, a Dollar-to-Euro encrypted foreign exchange network, as a positive example but argued that more research is needed before considering government integration

St. Louis Fed Vice President David Andolfatto gave a bullish presentation of the cryptocurrency landscape
Faster Payments Task Force Participant American Express Karen Czack, Juromir Divilek, Paul Fabara

David C. Mills Federal Reserve Current Research Topics Digital Currencies and Distributed Ledgers
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