In this video, Ben discusses some of the contradictions and tensions crypto exchanges need to navigate, and explore the question of what it means to operate a crypto exchange in this “transitory economy”. Ben Caselin [More]
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#blockchain #cryptocurrency #crypto With the evolution of blockchain technology over the years, various companies are experimenting with different applications. Manisha Gupta talks 20 companies that are adopting the blockchain technology
Jane King interviews Medha Parlikar, Chief Technology Officer, Casper Labs. CasperLabs lowers the barrier to entry for blockchain adoption by providing professional services and support for businesses building on the Casper Network. Segment from [More]
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The scope of crypto adoption is increasing rapidly. From increased institutional adoption to El Salvador’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, the interest in cryptocurrencies and crypto assets has never been greater. During our [More]
The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) announced that it wants to be the first to launch local crypto markets in the country. Gianna discusses what crypto adoption could mean for the Philippine economy. #philippines #cryptoadoption #remittances [More]
We chat with David from Republik Rupiah about everything happening in the world of blockchain this week. #bitcoin #ethereum #blockchain #indonesia #polkadot
Increasing number of governments and organisations around the world are planning to pass regulatory legislation on blockchain and have demonstrated pilot projects centred around the application of blockchain technology. Developing countries can also leverage blockchain [More]
Casper documentation: Vlad Zamfir’s original CBC paper: — Casper Network is one of the most highly anticipated blockchain projects that is launches its Mainnet in March 2021. Alongside the network launch, Casper is [More]​ Watch the full documentary​ Watch the full documentary​ Watch the full documentary
Bitcoin soared to $34,800 on Sunday. JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist at TD Ameritrade, and Alli McCartney, managing director at UBS private wealth management, join ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss why bitcoin is going up. Kinahan [More]
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I’m sorry if my video was not clear enough or too long, it was my 1st attempt. I’m not a financial advisor, do your own research. #Ripple #XRP #Bitcoin [More]
Huge news coming from the crypto space with PayPal annoucing they will allow the purchase of cryptocurrency on their platform. This could be huge news for not only crypto investors but stock holders as well! [More]
This week, Anndy Lian met up with Jan and Nic from Bitcoinlive again to share industry updates. Anndy will touch on topics on how receptive are governments when it comes to blockchain adoption. He will [More]
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I discuss how stablecoins could play a key role in increasing the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as people will be more likely to use them for everyday transactions over cryptos like Bitcoin or Litecoin [More]
Sunday, December 8, 2019 UAE at the forefront of blockchain adoption | Sky UAE Finance Dubai determined to launch initiatives and strategies to create future opportunities for blockchain-based transformation #Sky_UAE_Finance
#BlockchainBTM #30secondblockchain is a series of short clips from Co-founder Victoria and the rest of the BlockchainBTM team. Visit the BlockchainBTM website at For inquiries on how to purchase your bitcoin in our machines [More]
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Today I’m interviewing Mohammed Hussein, the co-founder of TruSource connects blockchains to real-world data, enabling developers to finally unlock the power of smart contracts. Link: Mohammed is currently completing his master’s in computing [More]