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G20 Regulatory Concerns. Kucoin, Beaxy, and other exchanges that work in the USA, Vechain activity
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Ash Egan is a Principal at Accomplice focusing on early-stage blockchain and crypto investments. Previously, he was a founding Principal on the venture team at ConsenSys, the largest blockchain company in the world, where he led investments in BlockFi, Vault, RocketPool, and Quantstamp. Ash began his career in venture at Converge VC, where he focused primarily on blockchain/crypto and machine learning applications, and led the firm’s investment in Chainalysis’ seed round. Show notes & links below; subscribe for future episodes!

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This episode hosted by: Manasi Vora

Manasi is a Boston finance professional and blockchain enthusiast. A former portfolio manager for Dalal Capital Advisors, she’s more recently worked in research with the MIT Digital Currency Initiative. She served as Director of this year’s MIT Bitcoin Expo, and is the founder of Boston’s Women in Blockchain group.

00:27 – Ash’s painful story about a USB stick full of crypto

02:40 – Why Ash decided to focus on blockchain as a VC

04:00 – How investing at Accomplice differs from other blockchain & crypto investors

05:42 – Comparing ConsenSys ventures’ focus on the ethereum ecosystem to being a protocol-agnostic investors

07:35 – Areas of interest at Accomplice

11:30 – Investing in companies for equity vs investing in digital assets

13:20 – Valuation models for crypto networks

17:43 – Managing governance rights / responsibilities as a token-holding investors

20:00 – Where there’s the most startup activity in the space

23:11 – Alternative approaches to fundraising in the crypto space

24:42 – M&A activity approaching, and issues tokens raise

27:30 – Open finance / decentralized finance, and how it will impact the traditional finance industry

30:26 – Exit paths for crypto companies

32:31 – What Ash knows about crypto now that he wishes he knew 3 years ago

36:10 – Upcoming developments Ash is excited for

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February 2019 Cryptocurrencies Market Activity Report | #CORindex

Full Report:

This report shows the market dynamics of cryptocurrencies. Data is calculated based
on cryptoasset information from the largest exchanges. It constitutes 98,45% of
crypto exchange operations in the analyzed period of time and reflects the dynamics
month to month.

This report shows data on the top 10 cryptoassets with the largest changes in the
analyzed period of time. The full swath of analyzed data is available in the Ratings
section on

Report includes the following top cryptocurrencies:
– Bitcoin (BTC);
– Ethereum (ETH);
– Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
– Litecoin (LTC);
– Dogecoin (DOGE);
– Dash;
– Ethereum Classic (ETC);
– Reddcoin (RDD);
– Bitcoin Private (BTCP);
– SaluS (SLS);
– Ripple (XRP);
– Zcash (ZEC);
– Monero (XMR);
– Feathercoin (FTC);
– Qtum;

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