A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.
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Up. This is how markets felt late yesterday and early this morning. Any buyer of risk is a tad richer today than they were the day before.

In traditional markets, with optimism on economic recovery and positive earnings, equities rose with the S&P reaching new records and the Nasdaq still below all-time highs but getting closer. Along with the 10-year yield, the dollar is retracing.

While fiat currencies lose value, crypto markets are boldly marching on. Again, if you’re holding BTC and any of the large cap alts, your USD balance is up.

BTC is closing the session 5.5% up, at $63,200 after reaching a new all-time high, at $63,775. Along with King Coin, ETH also broke new records, at $2,315, and closing the day 7% up.

Typically, when BTC makes new highs, other coins get pushed to the side for a while but, looking at the BTC Dominance index, we can see that, along with ETH, altcoins are holding on well. Aside from BNB, ADA, LTC, LINK, DOT, BCH, XLM and even XRP are decidedly in the green. Smaller cap coins are just flat or slightly retracing -and that’s relatively common, capital flows from the large cap coins first and then only venture into more speculative coins.

Along with the enthusiasm generated by higher prices, there’s plenty of fundamental supporting crypto markets.

There are currently eight Bitcoin ETF active applications and that suggests plenty of providers receiving some kind of demand from clients for easy exposure into digital assets.

Naturally, both crypto and traditional markets are eyeing the Coinbase IPO which will be an interesting play for anybody believing in the space, or not. Right now the FTX pre-IPO contract prices imply a ~160 billion valuation.

Lastly, more focused on on-chain data, Glassnode published this very nice chart showing the amount of bitcoins destroyed and it suggests that the activity/transactions happening right now are nowhere near the previous cycle tops… We have room to go higher.

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01:04 Coinbase on NASDAQ April 14th!
02:13 Top Coins on Binance and Uniswap?!?
03:11 Coin 6 – Big Polkadot Integration!!
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A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.
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A currency rally? A variety of factors converged to push currencies (including crypto) up late last week and over the weekend.

With discussion with the EU and the UK improving, we saw the pound jump about half a percent.
The yuan, key to investing in Chinese bonds and equities has also been on a steady rise and, with attractive yields, is projected by some analysts to rise further.

Naturally, optimism about a vaccine also helped bolstering equities in general and the risk-on approach was felt all around.

Over Saturday and Sunday, BTC rose almost 7%, from $18,050 to the mid 19K’s, currently at $19,170. The bounce came after a week and a half of slow but steady downward moves, taking us to the mid 17K’s.

Alts were definitely not forgotten, outperforming BTC over the last two days. ETH rose almost 9% over the weekend. LINK about 12%. ADA about 11%. LTC about 14%. Last but not least, XLM took the crown with a 16% increase.

A beautiful chart by CryptoQuant shows that the number of withdrawals from exchanges continues to trend down — along with rising prices — as large players continue to accumulate BTC and thus reduce the on-exchange reserves (meaning less selling pressure).

It was also great to see the Bloomberg article discussing Sweden’s plans to have the country’s currency system fully move to a blockchain-based and cashless (paperless) krona.
We also heard from Revolut, now adding four new tokens to its transaction network (EOS, OMG, Ox, XTZ).

Lastly, true to their word, MicroStrategy completed the $650million offering of a 0.75% convertible senior notes, due in 2025. Naturally, with the negative-yielding debt rising to about

Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi & Global Finance News – September 14th 2020
Every week we cover all the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, finance & economics news from across the global. We’ll help you understand the world of investing & trading Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, stock markets, gold, silver, commodities, bonds, property, currencies & more. We also discuss how central banks have forever changed asset markets.
The world of finance & economics has failed so many people. It now faces serious competition from free market solutions, Bitcoin, Ethereum & top cryptocurrency protocols. The best projects are attempting to build a fairer financial system & more inclusive digital world. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi & cryptocurrency trends.
With record debt & rising inequality, the world is headed for another global financial crisis. Central banks are doing everything they can to prevent another economic collapse. We believe central banks & governments will unleash massive fiscal spending, MMT, QE & negative interest rates in an attempt to drive up asset prices & inflate away debt. We believe Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum & cryptocurrency provide a great alternative to the current system that allows you to take control of your own wealth & securely custody your data. #Bitcoin #Ethereum #DeFi

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0:00 Nugget’s News update
2:05 Australian Finance & Global News
3:50 Inner Melbourne economy tipped to suffer $11B hit over 5 years
5:45 Australian stimulus cliff remains
7:40 JobKeeper & median wage by industry
9:20 Australian banks to buy more government debt under liquidity rule changes
11:00 ASX notches 4th straight weekly loss
15:10 Iron ore port stocks vs price
17:10 Japan’s economy shrinks 28% in second quarter
18:10 U.S. hiring unexpectedly plunges by most on record
20:40 Total assets on the Fed’s balance sheet
21:55 New York commercial real estate plummets 54% to lowest on record
23:10 Container rate records are shattered as U.S. imports surge
24:05 Global creditworthiness has been eroding for 4 decades
26:20 Flows for the broad U.S. asset classes: stocks & bonds

28:55 Gold & Silver Update

31:10 Crypto News
33:30 EU ministers demand stablecoin rules
37:10 Minecraft NFTs coming to the blockchain before year-end
39:30 Rise of yearn.finance (YFI)
41:15 Ren & UMA launch Bitcoin-backed yield dollar
42:50 Uniswap hints at native token in V3
45:45 1,000 new token pairs added to Uniswap in 1 week
48:15 Devs to test Ethereum 2.0 genesis launch

49:30 Bitcoin & Ethereum price action

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Cryptocurrency Market Update July 14th 2019 – Bitcoin In The News
In this week’s cryptocurrency market update we look at all the latest news headlines for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Altcoins, Stock markets & more. Bitcoin price corrected this week with Altcoins following lower. Altseason will have to wait for now. Stock markets broke out to record highs on good job numbers. Rate cuts are likely coming to the US, Europe & Japan as Australia has already begun in a race to the bottom.
#Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #Finance

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0:00:00 Ethereum Market Analysis: 14th April 2019

0:00:04 This update is brought to you by “CoinCheckup News Updates” and was originally published on “BitcoinNews.com”.

0:00:11 After a successful breakthrough of the most important, in our opinion, price zone of USD 150-160, buyers this week tried to consolidate a successful continued growth.

0:00:22 However, sellers still decided to intervene in this process and returned the price below the trendline, under which the price is moving from December 2018.

0:00:30 The price has returned to the triangle and the situation is ambiguous.

0:00:35 On the other hand, it is not very believable that the breakthrough of USD 150-160 price zone was true.

0:00:43 Therefore, we think that buyers still have to fight for a price zone of USD 150-160 to prove other market participants their strength and intentions to continue to grow.

0:00:53 According to the mood of buyers, it is clear that the belief in the continuation of growth is falling.

0:00:59 We decided to show the marginal positions of the sellers on a weekly timeframe.

0:01:03 As you can see, marginal positions of sellers have updated the historical low and are globally in the triangle since April 2018.

0:01:11 Therefore, we now have a high probability of a rebound and an increase in marginal positions, which may lead to a price fall.

0:01:18 Pay attention, how clearly the price moves between the levels of Fibonacci.

0:01:22 The first two local highs could not break through 78.6%, and the current high stopped at 100% of the wave a.

0:01:30 If you look closely, then the last impulse of the fall began at the end of September 2018.

0:01:35 Even if buyers intend to continue growing, although the volumes do not yet confirm this, we think that before should be the test of USD 150-160.

0:01:45 However, this test should take place in a genuine fight, rather than on a lazy price, drifting without volumes.

0:01:51 Thanks for watching this video.
If you wanna read the whole article you can go to CoinCheckup.com or go to: “BitcoinNews.com”, who originally published this news update on their website.


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Dec 14th Crypto News Recap Part 2 Coinbase, EU Sandbox, Cryptojacking, BBVA Bank, Crypto Valley – https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/dec-14th-crypto-news-recap-part-2-coinbase-eu-sandbox-cryptojacking-bbva-bank-crypto-valley-video

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