Stock Market Live – BTC, BITCOIN CRASH Or Correction? BlackRock Crypto Exposure?! SPY, DOW, NASDAQ

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Stock Market Live! BTC, BITCOIN Correction Or CRASH? BlackRock’s First Step Into Crypto!

January 21, 2021 – Stock Market Live With Justin! Justin covers all the important market news!

Justin reviews his favorite stocks, and reviews algo alerts!


Bitcoin slumped for a second day Thursday, taking the digital currency’s losses to more than 10% over 48 hours and wiping off billions of dollars from the crypto market.

The price of bitcoin slipped over 6% on Thursday to as low as $31,310, falling below the $32,000 level for the first time since Jan. 11, according to data from industry website CoinDesk.

The world’s most valuable digital coin has had a wild few weeks, briefly hitting $41,940 earlier this month before sinking sharply the subsequent week. The reason for its latest move wasn’t immediately clear, but one digital asset manager said it may be a natural correction.

“Corrections are a natural part of any market and are especially natural in the bitcoin ecosystem,” Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of Grayscale Investments, told CNBC. “From 2016-2017, we experienced 6 corrections of approximately 30% or more on the way to new highs.”

Ether, the second-biggest crypto token by market value, was also down around 10% from where it was two days ago. The coin hit an all-time high of $1,439 on Tuesday, according to Coin Metrics data.. (CNBC

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0:00 Intro, Show Schedule, BITCOIN SELL OFF
2:00 Bitcoin Over Heated?
3:40 Time To Take Profit? BTC/Crypto
6:00 Apple Virtual Reality Headsets!
6:10 AAPL stock, Apple Technical Analysis
6:50 BlackRock takes first step into Crypto?
8:30 SPY SP500 technical analysis
9:30 Economic Data
11:00 Global Markets
14:30 SPY SP500 Justin is watching
17:00 algo alerts
21:00 AAPL stock, Apple technical analysis
21:20 COST stock, Costco analysis
22:00 GS stock, Goldman Sachs review
22:55 NOK stock, Nokia analysis
23:20 LPCN stock, Lipocene review
25:00 EXPI stock, EXPI review
26:30 EDIT stock, CRSP stock, EDIT, Crispr review
27:50 WPM stock, Wheaton Precious Metals analysis
29:20 CLOV, GEOV, PLTR rapid fire!
30:20 LRN, RKT, LAZR, NNDM, JPM technical analysis
33:00 NIO, ICLN, TRXC, MSFT, NET, ABNB stock charts
35:00 SKLZ, NBAC, TGT, CLDR, SOL rapid fire!
37:30 BNGO, BABA stock charts
39:48 ECOR, ZNGA, WPM, SBE stock analysis
41:40 RSI stock, Rush Street Interactive
44:30 TAN stock, Solar ETF analysis
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