Spacecoins GIVEAWAY! Cardano D Day, Africa Blockchain Conference

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Cardano will become fully decentralized at the end of March! Charles Hoskinson will deliver a keynote at the Blockchain Africa Conference. Cardano is considered amongst the top 50 blockchains by CV VC. We also give some details on a giveaway for Spacecoins, courtesy of Kyle from FROG stakepool.
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Alexandre Tremblay says:

Go space coin. Keep up the good work. Thx for the video’s

Kristallin Hälsa says:

Great content Thank you… Cardano is so exciting! I love it.

Michael J says:

Spacecoins please!

Kelumax says:

Spacecoins sound fun!

Fred Fotis says:

Cardano is the most exciting innovation in human history and anyone can be part of it.

Matthew Wallace says:

Great content as always, look forward to you covering some voting options that will offer the most value to cardano! Good luck everyone with the space coins 👍

Jared May says:

Thanks Pritesh. Appreciate your effort to keep on top of developments.

king pin says:

Love the content, Thank you for all your hard work.

Lourde P says:

@SAMURAI KAI- – KEEP up the Good work man… We are watching…

Lourde P says:

@SAMURAI KAI- – KEEP up the Good work man… We are watching…

LYKEN 81 says:

Thanks for keeping it real Kaizen 👍🏼👍🏼🤯🤯

Provy says:


D J says:

ADA to the moo… Mars!

Swalter , says:

I love space and coins and you💕

Thomas Lefever says:

Sign me up for some spacecoins! Awesome video as always!

Javier Rossi says:

Ty for the info. Spacecoin, ADA, woop to the moon. I think that Cardano is the future in crypto world

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