Silicon Valley Exodus to Crypto/Blockchain – China BTC – Voyager Free $25 BTC – TransferGo xRapid

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– In Silicon Valley, Engineers Are Leaving Big Tech Companies To Chase Blockchain Dreams
– China’s Merchants are Legally Allowed to Accept Bitcoin and Crypto
– Uber co-founder giving away $25 worth of BTC to everyone who tries new Voyager trading app!
– TransferGo Confirms xRapid Integration for Global Free Remittance Transfers
Ripple’s David Schwartz explains xCurrent, xRapid and Multihop
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Apeshitz for Crypto says:

Great video bro with Crypto Eri brotha

soflo954 says:

Dude i think i know you, are you from Hollywood?

Better Days says:


Better Days says:

Just read a story that Coinbase got approved to hold custody for XRP in NY.

Leonidas Ripple XRP news says:

CRAWL, walk, run…

see wey says:

Thanks Tony , enjoyed this video over a cup of tea : )

alk baba says:

Tony, prices moving sideways is a sign of stability in this volatile market. As the prices are low this is a decent time to buy….. I think …. as I am not a financial advisor

Miguel Padinha says:

You're the man! Keep up with this excelent videos. !👍
Go XRP! 😊

obikanobi dombo says:

15 to 25 year projects investmentwise. It's a pension. the few that going to succeed.

Janina Lovelace-Ferreira says:

Excited about my $25 free bitcoin and referring others. Thanks for the head's up!

Danny Fisher says:

Very positive sign… And when it hits, I hope it hits big.

Joe Rivas says:

Is it still worth holding bitcoin in the long run?

Peter Vas says:

The crypto market is only 0.01 of the world's money in it…just keep buying

Eric Stolte says:

I watch you videos every morning, keep up the good work!

RJ REX says:

Good stuff Tony. The more brilliant minds we have coming into crypto is the better for the market as a whole. Great video again my xrp brother. 589& beyond. Xrp baby. Let's get it!

Nik Bro says:

Voyager have partnered with Ethos!

Harsha Buddhika says:

Dear Sir I am your one of subscriuber from sri lanka. Also big fan xrp . Due stocks are not moving I try to do marginal trading and I lost my all money arourd 15000 USD . So I am in very bad position and also my house mortgage. Please help me to get some donation my xrp add is
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please help me

Jata Johnson says:

Cryptos will take off near 2020. Stop these carrot-dangling videos.

Maria Ritchie says:

Thank you for great content. 😍

Colzc blah says:

Mastercard wants to introduced fractional reserve practices into crypto. F¿<K THAT!

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