Shopify Payment Gateways to Get Paid FAST | Quick Shopify Tips 2021

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Want to know the best payment gateway for Shopify? Well it really depends on your location, products you sell and your customers. There are a lot of different Shopify payment methods you can choose so in this video tutorial we are going over all the Shopify payment gateways so you can find the best one for your store.

We will also go over Shopify payment setup and how Shopify pays you depending on the Shopify payment method that you choose. So if you want to learn how to accept payments fast from your customers as well as get paid fast for your products then this is the perfect Quick Shopify Tips video for you.

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00:00 Different Payment Providers
00:40 Third Party Providers
01:43 Shopify Payments
02:17 Express Checkout Options
02:50 Alternative Payments
04:09 Benefits of Faster Checkout

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Linareythen SolaGratia says:

You're Actually So Cute , Damn ^^,
Thanks For the Content also, Rlly Good 😀

Kighir Abel says:

I just got $5000 from klaxonstools . I'm grateful

devesh lakwal says:

In how much time Shopify payment activate

Hanna's Garden says:

What do you think about Paysera?

Mike CMW8 says:

Elle, do we need to do anything with our existing Google analytics code in Preferences (shopify)? Its unclear what changes were made from the email saying some javascript will no longer work.

Brandy Peay says:

Does anyone know why Apple Pay doesn’t work on Shopify? It’s an option I’ve selected but when customer goes to check out Apple Pay is not an option. 🙂

Michael Elfassy says:

If you want to allow buyers to checkout fast, make sure you have shop pay enabled on Shopify Payments. By far the fastest checkout option

Lynn Lopez says:

Wow, This really helpful I love you thanks for all the help. Can't wait till another Tuesday, 100% recommended

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