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Self Managed Superannuation and Crypto Investments Deep Dive

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Self managed superannuation is a topic that is casually discussed at most meetups. In this deep dive, we will hear from three leading service providers in Australia, Sequoia Superannuation, Bamboo and Independent Reserve. They will cover the basics of setting up a self-managed super, what are the requirements to hold crypto in your super and how to go about it. Each company will make a short presentation and answer questions submitted by the audience, either ahead of time or during the live stream.

We had 3 presenters on the livestream, but had to cut out Sam’s presentation as per Sequoia’s Compliance team request. If you’d like to speak to Sam about setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) for yourself or your clients, his contact details are at the end of the description

Lee Eaton 02:13
National Head of Business Development at Independent Reserve

Lee manages relationships with companies, high net-worth investors and SMSFs looking to invest into crypto. Established in 2013, Independent Reserve is Australia’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange and OTC trading desk. Over 200,000 customers from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore trust Independent Reserve to easily buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other major cryptocurrencies.

Lee gives an overview of SMSF landscape in crypto and explore some of the considerations before investing into crypto and the requirements to start trading crypto as an SMSF on Independent Reserve. Lee will also cover taxation, the KPMG tax tool available for IR superannuation customers and answer audience questions.

More info about IR 👇

Blake Cassidy 18:30
CEO at Bamboo

Blake is a driven CEO with a passion for technology. Previously working in funds management, strategy consulting, software development and a founder of IoT company Blake brings venture experience and subject matter expertise to drive growth of the Bamboo Platform. Blake was a seed investor into Bamboo and worked with the founding team to assist with strategic projects before acquiring the company alongside the other seed investors.

Bamboo has recently released their SMSF product to allow users to easily contribute digital currencies to their superannuation. Blake will discuss why Bamboo built an SMSF product, provide a product overview and touch on investment strategies such as Dollar Cost Averaging.

More info about Bamboo 👇

Contact details for Sam Wetzler 👇
Investment Manager at Sequoia Superannuation or 02 8114 2222


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