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SEC Announces big changes for crypto!
Regulatory Clarity is coming in 2020
Huge victory for crypto!
Disney stops Justin Sun & Tron
Tether Pump Coming!?
Ripple to thrust XRP adoption!
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rbutler8585 says:

ODL means XRP. XRapid was renamed ODL. SO if they say a transaction is using ODL it means XRP.

Db says:

Don't get too excited about regulators, they might one day decide that we shouldn't be directly connected to
exchanges, for our own good, we should only buy & trade through one of the "approved" institutions that they could
use to squeeze out the exchanges. it's not difficult now to find negative propaganda on exchanges out there.

Hm Polash says:

Please save my Comment Chris, I know it is going to be legendary comment. I have 12 prediction. 1. Bitcoin will hit around $100000 by Dec Yr 2020 then will go down to $87000 then will retest 20-30k

2. Trump will be re- elect Yr 2020

3. Yr 2021 Trump will be impeached due to Epstein connection

4. Yr 2021 Dollar will fall and start the inflation has no value, it will start due to Trump impeachment

5. Around yr 2025 Bitcoin will hit 55+ million and Later will try to reach 98+ million but it will crush down to around 10 million to retest, then it will rise again.

6. If anyone hold only .03% bitcoin, they will be filthy rich.

7. Yr 2028 Martin Luther king jr. Great great grand daughter will be USA President.

8. Yr 2028 Time travel will be introduced but only few high Ranking people will be Travel with extreme rules and regulations.

9. Yr 2030 Time traveling will be available to Public with high cost of course with some heavy rules and regulations.

10. Time unknown

Man name Imam Mahadi will come to this world few years from now but when he does that night will be longest night and He will take over the world. Also the world will be in peace for several years.

11. Time unknown

Man name called Djal, one eye man will be take over the world in very short time and he will claim himself as a God and nothing can be distroy him and mostly women will be his followers and this will be in lot of chaos.

12. Several years later on Friday early morning Jesus will come down from sky and perform his first Prayer in Saudi Arabia at Masjidul in Haram Mosque and clear all confusion about him and save all people from the Man Djal and kill him with (Jesus ) his eye.


All this will happen within 50 years from now to completion of 1500 years. Then earth will still go on with lot of destruction.


oCaVEMaNo87 says:

ON DEMAND LIQUIDITY is actually the rebrand for x-rapid. It makes more sense to bankers and XRP enables "on demand"

Tales_of_the_crypto Crypto says:

Thanks Chris, you're always on top of everything lov ya Merry Christmas to you…πŸ’•πŸ‘

billybob says:

Mass adoption soon.

Mad V says:

Neville is a Russian bot

Mad V says:

I reported Neville Robertson and deleted his shity comment

D DIVS says:

Decentralized oracles = Chainlink Link
Synthetic Derivatives = Synthetic SNX
You may want to add those to your portfolio currently 80% of all Snx is staked and link.will annouce staking soon moon mission.

R James says:

Argentina 48% inflation 2017, Greek banking crisis 2015, Cyprus Government Bank Fiat confiscation 2013, USA/UK/EU banking crises 2008, USA Gold confiscation 1933

Best to diversify away from government and fractional reserve banking system into decentralised crypto like Bitcoin and Łitecoin to spread risk as well as secure your assets. πŸ§œπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

A n g e l o says:

Sir, the high volume. Please.

Peter Benham says:

Always fair and balanced. Thank you, Chris.

Remco laken says:

Dgb is about to run , in last november you can see on that the active adresses on digibyte was skyrocketing to over 2000% and is now in second place next to bitcoin being in first place and etherium third place , so this to me seems like some bigg country or major bigg group heard something about digibyte and this caused the active adresses to spike up like crazy , and it looks like this happend because DGB touched the bottom in november or close to it and those people are preparing to.go long on dgb soon


The sec story is what I was talking about where we need some rules where our money is concerned. You do not want every Tom ,Dick and Harry to be able to run off with funds that are in these systems and they call it a hack or some thing . This sec story is HUGE and we are going to be right there when it happens! Ain't life grand ! Good work Chris.

Damien says:

I love seeing the ads you get on your web pages. shows us what your buying. πŸ˜†

sledge hammer says:

Another quality content filled episode. Thanks chris. Your energy is contagious.

A. D. says:


HeiΓ°ar Karlsson says:

Yes we are super early! We are like the 5 to 10% of the adaption curve.

Richard Ravarino says:

Just using β€œ” is the same as xVia or xCurrent. If ODL is mentioned, it’s synonymous with XRP

CryptoTakeOver says:

Thanks Chris! Very true we are sooo early!! I’m sure regulation needs to get figured out before we go to 100k but that could be awhile and just proves how early we all are. I’m making videos everyday on my channel as well

DAN SKI says:

Hi all. Thanks Chris. Congress, SEC and so much more is happening around the world. 2020 is going to be amazing. Enjoy the ride.

TheElBrando says:

All On Demand Liquidity uses digital assets. To my knowledge it only uses XRP currently. That ten percent is running through XRP. Thanks for the shout out!

Old Fart In Crypto says:

time for a rebrand, lol

Old Fart In Crypto says:

Disney is going to win!

Neville Robertson says:

People need to remember we can't pump high over the weekend, as we'll have to re-dump and fill the CME gap anyway.
We'll have to keep the trust up with CME that we'll help them fill the gaps and the SEC need to see we want to help fill the gaps.

Brian Benton says:

I heard tether minted those coins to replace faulty (might be wrong wording). ??? Something about replacing coins

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