Roundtable – Blockchain & the Environment / The Cryptowriter Podcast LIVE

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The Cryptowriter Round Table w/ Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D is a collaborative weekly Livestreamed Videocast revolving around various blockchain and crypto-related subjects.

For this episode we will be discussing Blockchain and the Environment with a panel of permaculturalists, environmental enthusiasts, and blockchain advocates mostly centered around the EOSIO ecosphere.

Special Guest co-host Chris Tuttle, who is quite literally all about the bees (theUplift.World)

Duane Phillippi: Permaculturalist & environmentalist (CSX)

Yoshi Kondo: Using music and art NFTs to enable artists and help fund tree planting alongside & (

Stefan Rust: ex CEO of and now Co founder and CEO of Sonic Capital working towards saving the Earth through blockchain in multiple ways

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Orlando Newman says:

Amazing Roundtable the ideas shared and the vision for taking care of our environment through crypto and NFTs are simply amazing thank you all I appreciate you 🙏

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