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Roger Ver – cryptocurrency past and future | BCH in commerce

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Roger Ver speaking on cryptocurrency past and future, and BCH in commerce special for NakamotoJedi!

Do you believe that market crash has happened because of speculations? This is what the world-famous Bitcoin investor Roger Ver told us.

The cryptocurrencies of the future – what are they? According to Ver, crypto will replace fiat money, and it will be used instead of credit cards in commerce. This could bring a bunch of benefits: paying with Bitcoin Cash on Amazon, one can save a lot of money.

Also get known why Roger has lost interest in Bitcoin and what he thinks of BCH split. Is Craig Wright the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

Every year is getting more exciting than the year before on crypto market. And Roger calls prediction market a time machine, a window into the future and a tool to alter the future all in one. That’s why NakamotoJedi is eager to provide you with this magnificent tool – the prediction service by Exrates.

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Viva Knights says:

thanks for arranging such Skype guess this is the most suitable format

Vashti verdin says:

it seems Roger is stuck on the word “speculation”.maybe he is also one of those speculators on the cryptocurrency market

Vashti Loretta says:

What is vers prediction of Bitcoin price?

Laurie Harmon says:

Today's noise around crypto price is just a storm in a will gain its old have no doubts

Pii Dot says:

I think that implementation of crypto is the matter of have just it may take years but i bet it will take place of fiat

Alton Roberts says:

Wow Roger Ver that's high level! Carry on

Nannie Paula says:

Nakamoto team you are the best.

xHaXz says:

Ver doesn't care but i do

legend038 says:

Support Ulbricht! He is a political prisoner

Mario Rossi says:

What other surprises do you have?

Paul Lambert says:

Great interview! One cool new thing for 2019 crypto adoption are the BCH chickens:

bob ami says:

not sure why everyone hate Roger even though he is almost the only person pushing for crypto adoption .

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