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Rise of the Robots: Californians attack self-driving cars

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Amid talk of workplace automation in the US, it seems humans are quite literally fighting back. Crash reports filed in California in 2018 reveal that humans are going on the rampage against robot cars.


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CONTRA says:

0:52 Stable WhetPfart @FartWhet


Incoming Hit da dirt says:

the animatrix explains it well.

Angel Terrero says:

Filthy rotten humans!! Why make clothes washers and dryers if they take away a job from a person. Why make dishwashers, the filthy humans use robots everyday and will eventually want robots to jerk their genitals off with, and they attack them all the while. The humans are so filthy and disgusting.

toni bryant says:

Good! Better get to them robots before they take your careers and can think for themselves.

poewhite says:

At¬†2:12 Mark Gubrud says "we need in the end to make sure people benefit from technology instead of being dispossessed by technology." ——-¬† The only way to make sure people benefit from technology is by¬†LIMITING¬†TECHNOLOGY¬†with a thoughtful mature disciplined¬†Luddism that subjects technologies to a searching critique and asks what HARM will come from their use and¬†what will be LOST once the technology is deployed.¬† The¬†prevailing thinking about technology evaluates technologies with a flawed accounting in which intentional short term benefits are focused on to the exclusion of unintended or long term negative¬†effects.¬†¬†Wendell Berry has called such¬†flawed panglossian accounting "ADDITION WITHOUT SUBTRACTION."¬†——- There is a sizeable segment of opinion that¬†dreams of¬†using automation to create a "post-scarcity" society.¬† Murray Bookchin's "Post-Scarcity Anarchism" comes to mind as an example.¬† Don't drink this Koolaid, people!¬† If a social system¬†were created¬†in which¬†everyone could simply go down to the local Commodity Storehouse and take whatever they wanted free of charge this would turn out to be a nightmare.¬† People NEED to do for themselves!¬† They need work.¬† No, not slavery (like in the Soviet gulag)¬†–¬†or¬†capitalist wage slavery either¬†–¬†but useful autonomous (as opposed to heteronomous) work i.e. work under their own control in cooperation with people they at least get along with – and it is best when they are people they like and care about.¬† A family farm or workshop is ideal in this respect.¬†——-¬† People who had everything provided for them would tend to weaken in body and mind.¬† They would become miserable, cynical, bored drones blas√© about life – which would seem trivial and absurd.¬† They would drown in ennui.¬† They would be pathetically unable to do for themselves.¬† Except …¬†there¬†would still be¬†one way to rattle the f*ck out of the¬†Benthamite cage!¬† Inevitably¬†many¬†men would¬†turn to¬†VIOLENCE as this would be the one thing left that could still give them a sense of power and self-worth and earn¬†them respect (or rather FEAR) from others.¬† Only this could¬†make life serious again and¬†make them feel truly alive!¬† Unless of course they were technologically emasculated by psychological conditioning , drugs, behavior modification chip implants¬†or ubiquitous policing (by robocops naturally! – look at how they already tried to use a robot to give homeless people the bum's rush!).¬†——-¬†¬†THE REAL ALTERNATIVE TO CAPITALISM¬†is¬†a system of¬†NON-CAPITALIST PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of¬†productive property in which there are many small to very small local enterprises.¬† The only social or communal measures required are those which enable such a system of¬†truly private household¬†scale enterprise to exist,¬†e.g. providing a¬†retail market¬†as a public utility so that people could, for example,¬†market even tiny amounts of produce right out of their backyard garden.¬† The system would¬†not be socialist because it¬†would be¬†based on private ownership.¬† No army of¬†social workers, cadres, commissars, aparatchiks and busy-body SJWs poring over your life¬†micromanaging your heart and mind enforcing benefits on you!¬† ¬†But it would not¬†be capitalist either since there would be no sustained accumulation of profit.¬† The system would be¬†STEADY¬†STATE¬†(i.e. no growth).¬† Macroeconomically speaking, profits and growth are virtually equivalent.¬† There is no place to invest profits without growth and, conversely, there can't be growth without profits to invest in additional productive capacity.¬† But this also requires that POPULATION STOP GROWING.¬† Ending population growth is an absolute necessity!¬† Which most people still refuse to face.¬† There is no hope for things to ever get better without an END TO GROWTH!

mike honcho says:

We seen terminator! We know about skynet! lol

andy. hello. says:

Self driving cars, how much autonomy do you want to give away humanity.

Star Power says:

I. Bet. The. Car's. ARE. 2. Slow. ?.

Dave says:

god dam it, i'm already part of this

aleksandar - fox says:

kill the machines!!!!

2 3 says:

California hahahahahhaha

BJ Martin says:

I'm not for robots but if the government can be robots so we don't have to pay them, I'm good with that.

dagdagdag says:

Its not the Robots which are the problem, but its the governments.

Emmae says:

It's easily resolved. Stop consuming from companies replacing workers with robots. How long do you think they'll stay in business with no consumers? That is the only thing that will stop this.

poewhite says:

1:35  The caption reads "Humans destroying robots:  We will see more such violence in future."  This is NONSENSE!  It is NOT VIOLENCE to destroy robots.  It is vandalism.  Robots are not alive, i.e. not sentient.  You can't do violence to a non-living thing.  I notice a very disturbing tendency for academic, journalistic and entertainment publicity about robots to anthropomorphize them.  Like in the very cringy Spielberg movie AI.  Robots should never be sympathized with or, still less, given rights Рno matter how artificially intelligent their information processing is.  I don't care if they can pass the Turing test (i.e. fool people into thinking they are dealing with a conscious sentient being).  Sentience is necessary for true consciousness.  It is possible to have very sophisticated intelligent BEHAVIOR without any sentience, any qualia, any inner experience whatsoever.  Let us not be nudged into perceiving insentient machines as living beings worthy of care and consideration!  Robots should never be designed as a simulacrum of living organisms.  This is a very foolish Рif not actually wicked Рthing to do!

Icicle Fledglings says:

Fucking idiots.

[DA2K] SystemKrusher says:

I remember when they said the same about the internet some 20 years ago that it would take away jobs and millions of people would become unemployed. But the internet has created millions of new jobs and new professions. The same is going to happen to AI and robotics. Sure robots will make some jobs of today obsolete on the one hand, but on the other hand humans will have the opportunity to focus on more interesting jobs while the robots perform the lesser and more boring jobs, such as delivery, police patrols, guarding of buildings and stuff like that, or serving burgers to customers at McDonalds, for instance.

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