Ripple XRP And Crypto Are Starting A Digital Assets Arms Race

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Dan Glen says:

Don't forget to help Venezuelans during this difficult time, send a few XRP or other Crypto here and show that we care –​

Mary Lancaster says:

DAI I will see you at Parkhotel Sonnenhof for our meet and greet after our xrp moonshot 🌜🌔🌛🚀🚀🚀

Square Peg says:

I'm 41 and I'm waiting. I hope to retire before 50 and I think it could be way before that if things take off the way we hope.

The Beacon Depot says:

XRP being used by ING Bank will help out soon. = ; )

Jonny Dee says:

Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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Capital B says:

i needed this video bro…ty

uknowimbluffin says:

if everybody will stop selling XRP we will see $50 pretty soon

5484Danny says:

Lichtenstein or Bust!!!

Trew Skye says:

Are you making a video with a cold? Go get some soup!!!

Joe D says:

I invested a boatload in crypto for 1 yr. letting it sit as I go to alternative investments.

Adam Heslop says:

Honestly think 1st of March we’ll be ok guys !! I live an hour away from the Cotswolds

American Real-Estate says:

Good stuff. Talking about Apollo coin. I bought a few million Apollo coins a few weeks ago. Its up 350% over a week. It's an all purpose coin and it's the fastest coin beating XRP by 1 sec. But Apollo will not be used by banks only for all purposes. John McAfee is crazy but he has lots of pull and is the most famous crypto CEO. Vegas is full of crypto ATMs and McAfee wants to put Apollo ATMs everywhere. But I'm mainly invested in XRP because XRP is like bread and water it will become a neccesity like Microsoft Windows is today.

Jacob Mee says:

XRP isn’t going anywhere in 2019 or 2020
Piss take investment, so glad I sold all my XRP at $0.40

Sweet Swissy says:

Most central banks are members of bank of international settlements created in Basel in 1930 by Rockefeller and friends, they are close to IMF that are in contact to Ripple I guess

wayne smith says:

I think you owe sam I am an apology

AJ Bogan says:

They are already watching the countries of the world pass them by!

Danny says:

I cant wait for them to declare most cryptos non securities. I made a shirt that says "Not a Security!"

rob andone says:

No real man puts cinnamon in his coffee!

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