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Ripple XRP Above and Beyond’ the World of Banking. Big Barry Silbert Ripple Top Investment

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Big Barry silbert Tweets to the XRP Community on Twitter
Says Ripple is top 5 investment out of his 131 companys
also says his a big fan of Brad Garlinghouse and team Ripple.

Barry Silbert is the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, a venture capital firm that focuses on the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain technology industry.

Barry Silbert provided funding for such companies as BitPay, Coinbase and Ripple.

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bob dylan says:

XRP has won. BTC doesn’t have a company behind them with laser focus on solving a problem. BTC hasn’t been making deals with central banks, FI’s and nations. Its now we will see who the grown up investors are.

Craig Heaton says:

Great stuff dude! XRP baby! 😎

Sean Thompson says:

Passion rubs off and your enthusiasm keeps the people going. I’m betting you have sold thousands of XRP on behalf of Ripple via the FOMO your vids inadvertently create #thatsforsure 😂 keep going bud.

Richard Key says:

F**king well said mate! New UK Subscriber 🙂

Wayne Giampoala says:

Thanks again for the videos. Making my plans to what I am going to do when my millions arrive. I believe it will be sooner then we think. Wayne from Boise , Idaho.

Torchy Burns says:

I love yer background information that ties everything together, I subscribed back in 1st qtr. this year and I live in The City of Angels.Thank you for turning me on to Crypto Eri, I love her info but honestly I love the way she talks even more, its something about her "hesitation" when she speaks, you can tell shes working out her words in her mind before she says it, so smart! You schooled me on the "Who's Who" at Ripple Labs, and the Crypto Industry as a whole. I was the same as you, my Bosses at work were talking about BTC…NO ONE EVER MENTIONED XRP, when I got home that night in December 2017 I immediately went on line to see wtf was BTC. That very night I discovered Ripple and XRP and the light came on so friggin bright I couldn't sleep! I'm in deep with buying XRP all this year and I am a proud "XRP Pioneer" as you so eloquently put it! You have taught me most everything background wise about XRP and all the wonderful things goin on in the Crypto industry and my hat goes off to u because once BAKKT goes live and they announce that XRP is their coin, I will be a half Billionaire by 2021 but I am sure I will be retiring come 1st qtr 2019. Many thanks and keep it goin, XRP BABY!

Lena Feklistova says:

Flip over)) the Open ICO Telegram – round gathered over 70% of means in the span of just several days on ) These coins will strongly grow in price uniquely after floatation ) It is necessary to buy them while the going is good!

Mama lacy says:

Great find CKJ👍🙌

JosechTV / José Ramos says:

Queretaro, Mexico! I have already recomended you to some friends that are part of the XRP family. You are great man!

P Murphy says:

Liquid, bicoin's sidechain protocol, will make XRP utterly useless.

ihikearound says:

Thank You CKJ!

ke met says:

Ckj is the truth!!

Tony Brothers says:

Ckj is a cool dude …that's for sure.

Scott WP says:

Proof is in the Partnerships

All Peachy says:

CKJ that's for sure.

just another name says:

Anyone know what the other 4 crypto's are (in his top 5)?

jay D says:

what is going on with MOJOLOOP ?? NO NEWS ANYWHERE ??

Zed Zerps says:

Keep on doing the research for us, CKJ. Thanks!

Just me says:

thanks again, CKJ !

Ced Richard says:

We all going to be rich 💰💰💰

Cryptocajun says:

Keep up the good work buddy

Paul Herd says:

Your knowledge as well as your enthusiasm for xrp are amazing,between yourself and digital asset invester we get the top imformation we all need,thanks from Scotland!

nabil babel says:

Have a nice day. Yesterday I got tokens from DENT airdrop What it would be better to do with them ? Should I sell them now or it would be better to keep them till the end of a year ?

Stephen Chip says:

Good stuff CKJ. Big Barry Silbert will be on your show in the near future.

eXtRaPolator says:

I'm excited too CKJ!!!

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