Richard Heart on Bitcoin, Ethereum, HEX and blockchain cryptocurrency! Live, click now! Or doom.

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Flat Earth Crypto Currency Man says:

i like being able to relaxion with hex too

Deepak Kumar says:

Now I have 7 days material to watch…atleast 5 times i watch all ur vdos..thank you and pls do the next soon…thank you infinite with deep respect always

Pucho Garcia says:

Loud and clear

Pucho Garcia says:

Apple juice

kollanepart1 says:

Apple juice

Amir Kermani says:

Apple juice

Amir Kermani says:

Can’t believe your still on

Henry Vong says:

20:46 Finally, someone who understands cause and effect. I've met someone who think hash rate leads the price. That is analogous to putting the cart before the donkey.

Breakout Trading says:

wow he wasnt kidding the website is SO much more clear. Well done my G


App for grandma needs to happen, people are stupid, most people don't know how to use crypto ,

Hexadecimal says:

Always good to see Richard on stream.

I learn a lot everytime I listen to him.

Jesse Andrade says:

Snapple deuce.

Luuk Billy says:

rewatching the stream while expanding my godmode stake ladder. I have that kind of personality that gets extremely addicted easily and normally its trading, gaming or gambling for me. Except for a lttle gaming I've kicked the other 2 bad habits thanks to you while making a shitload of money. Cant wait to be a dabbing dolphin. Ive onboarded 6 new users this month, all after the BPD because I hoped it would be a way better deal just like when you got in earlier.

Jack Straw says:

Apple F’n juice!!!

Tyler says:

Great stream as always.

Ryan Way says:

apple juice


Im 1 minute in ,lol

dxta6961 says:

Apple juice

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