Quiet Before the Storm: Be Ready! – When ALT Season? – New Samsung Crypto Partners! – Huobi / TOP

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Quiet before the crypto storm – Be Ready!
When ALT Season?
Why BNB is pumping?
Tether admits to buying BTC
Samsung’s new crypto partners
You must find the news before it is published
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Jim E says:

Gainsville coins now accepting Btc now and more cyrpto in the coming week's and months!!!!!! 😂🤣🙉🙈🙊😱🤑😋. Take a look on their website!!!!! 😁

vietcow says:

why so much hate for cw. He is brilliant!

Glen Fish Bachelor says:

It makes me wonder about the timing of a few things. BTC oscillating just at or under 8k. 60 mins Bitcoin piece wasnt a hitjob. A general consensus that we are going higher. Anyone feel like were going to the glue factory?

Old Fart In Crypto says:

lets go baby, house for sale for bitcoin, top of the chesapeake bay, 3400 sqft, 3 acres, stone and cedar, pool, hot tub, 2 car, $400,000 spread the word please! wife and I relocating to southern FL, no income tx, yay

David Bradley says:

What amounts are you trading with to make gains of $8000 and 4 BTC in a day. I have less than $1000 to trade with

Phoenix Starborn says:

Chris I'm interested in joining your group. Is there a way to email / contact you regarding my circumstances, desired outcome and get more info on it in general.?

Neil Lupton says:

So if Craig Wright is satoshi can he be sued for everyone’s losses, maybe a class action might shut him up…

Agxd42 says:

Thanks for all your hard work Chris

joshuasethd says:

Thoughts on BAT? Seems to be sideways consolidation with little reaction to BTC moves.

CryptoMANKS says:

Definitely is. And the halving should be a huge increase in BITCOINS price alone. Just look at the history of the halvings. Price doubles. Don't believe me, go and Google it. #facts.

Dane Martyn says:

Digibyte up 20%

Thomas Lakutis says:

Once regs come in Tether will go down.

KTorres says:

Fraud Wright!

Chris Rock says:

Stellar has been quit. I don't know much about charts though to know if it's going to pop anytime soon though

E3 says:

I have been researching realSatoshiN on twitter for a while, I have no doubt this is Satoshi, but.. we will see soon. It looks like he's ready to prove it in court vs Fraud Wright.

Jesse Thehu Snooker says:

chris, is it wise to have more than 1 nano ledger and seperate yr coins on them? are those ledgers 100% safe from hacking if you do keep yr keys safe??

Brian M says:

Another great video, Thanks CBC 🇮🇪

R James says:

Bullish outlook 🤸‍♀️….🏝 2019 August Łitecoin and 2020 Bitcoin reward halvings closing in.

Karan Singh says:

babb, apollo, pundi x, trx, ada !!!

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