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Print a baby: Expectant parents see 3D models of their unborn children

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Mothers-to-be can now print 3D models of their unborn children from ultrasound scans, thanks to the Embryo 3D service in the Russian city of Ufa. READ MORE:


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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


Victorius Highbalicius says:

Y'all think this is cool?

bee4pc goldrule says:

leftist would want to chop it up and sell the pieces.

Colin Messruther says:

AH so that were babys come from !!!!!!!

Pete K says:

Some people are kinda weird…

ThisIsTurok1 says:

"flamethrower, move it!!!!" – Sgt. Apone (Aliens)

shoussam says:

Minus the sh*t

tom conti says:

i want a 3d model of my sperm.

Ronald Rasch says:

The human commodity… anyone want to start a new ideology, while we pray to these new prospective insight's ?

Jum Black says:

Not as many weird Christians in the comments as I thought.

J BB says:

This is racist! The 3D model is white! I want my creepy 3D model in jet black, with the option of having a baby afro as well. I also noticed the computer CGI is also white! More white supremacy!

Andrew Williamson says:

Now Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortionists can start their trophy collection of all the babies they will murder…

So sick! If you want a planned parenthood, stick to the one, true plan…The Word of God! And, maybe focus on safe sex & safe sex practices…as well as counseling for young females mainly, and males as well.

Parable (sort of): You don't just keep letting your kids fu** up everything and just keep cleaning up their mess, do you? Well, in essence, that is what we do when we abort unwanted babies! And, we make it easier for young females to get abortions…and even more affectively, we allow young women (and men) to let go of inhibitions & threat of consequence within their own consciousness.

And you don't even want to know what goes on in the dark within many areas of these types of corporations and ideals. Many people and/or groups lust for baby organs like they were pure gold. They sell them and do only God knows what else with them. I wouldn't doubt that some of the buyers, or even the harvesters themselves use these baby corpses in satanic rituals, etc.

Tim McClymont says:

Dammit RT I wish you'd stop being state funded! Gotta get your free speech up, fuck Putin you guys should actually report on him instead of pretending he shits butterflies. Seriously, you'd be recognized as an actual news organization if you just properly reported on your countries leadership.

CanMan1000 says:

They should give these to women who want an abortion.

Brandy Pompeo says:


Joseph Bailey says:

Creepy man. Just creepy. Some people are just fucking weird. I would not want my parents having a damn model of me as a fucking fetus. I would say that's fucked up. Interesting, but mostly fucked up.

Generation X says:

This is sick.

John Stroncheck says:

wow, wow that is powerful

Bad Cattitude says:

Glad to see its a white baby

Beavis Jones says:

Not sure how to respond or how to even feel about this bizarre concept but I can see how it would freak some out while others would pay for the service still not sure if I would have got one if the hospital I had my kids at offered it as a free condolence prize as part of their service like the ride at Disney where they just take your picture and you buy it or don’t

papa mama fucj says:

Every abortion clinic should do this just before appointment. Make the patient hold it as well.

Master Ifran says:

That's messed up

Tonelok says:

Cuck male enslavement process.MGTOW.

William Miller says:

So it actually IS a human being in the womb, who could ever have imagined that? ?

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