Quelques images tournées dans le centre de la Crypto Valley (Capitale), devant chez Ethereum. Deuxième vidéo ! (More)

Even if there is no need to prove Switzerland’s international leadership anymore when it comes to digital trust and cybersecurity, we believe that joining forces and connecting Swiss valleys is key to build trust throughout the country and beyond. (More)

Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020 / Block O2O Global Virtual Summit (More)

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How to get passive income on the baytex exchange
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Welcome to my channel, in this video I’ll be giving my opinion on some of the best crypto’s out there today. I think these crypto’s can give you extraordinary gains in the current bull market. (More)

Quelques images tournées dans le centre de la Crypto Valley (Capitale), devant les locaux du Cryptovalleu Journal ! (More)

Ethereum has recently rallied to $400, $500, and $600. But what about $700 tho? Is a $700 Ethereum valuation on the cards? In this video we take a look at the Ethereum valuation against Bitcoin to gauge whether Ethereum could realistically hit $700 in the short-term. What do you think? Can you see Ethereum making a move to $700? Let me know in the comments! (More)

In this video we talked about the stimulus package, the latest fundamental news, bitcoin, ethereum, monero, us dollar currency index, dow jones, sp500 index and intel. Hope you enjoyed. (More)

Ethereum 2.0 can make you RICH! (More)

Dr. Julian Hosp – im Interview mit Karrideo Image- und Eventfilmproduktion zum Thema Blockchain, Kryptographie und Bitcoin (More)

Wer war der Erfinder der Bitcoins? Was ist das besondere an der Blockchain Technologie? Wieso sind die Bitcoins begrenzt? Kann man diese Begrenzung aufheben? Wie sieht es mit der Geldanlage in Bitcoins aus? (More)

– Animation – Bitcoin is the Future
3D Animation of the Bitcoin becoming the Future that requires the V-Ray Plugin for 3ds Max 2014
CinemaStock stock footage preview
3D-Animation – (More)

Bitfury headquarters in Riga, Latvia filmed by Capitol Intelligence/CI GCA using CI Glass at Bauskas iela 58A, Latvia. August 12, 2019 (More)

Authors: Xuanwu Yue, Xinhuan Shu, Xinyu ZHU, Xinnan Du, Zheqing Yu, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Siyuan Liu (More)

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This video reviews the bitcoin market and discusses the most recent bitcoin trading action. Using Technical Analysis, we perform an in depth review of the bitcoin trading action today and provide you with our analysis on current patterns, developing trends, and our take on where the market is headed. (More)

Nov.17 — Bitcoin is quickly approaching the record highs that spurred a mania among investors almost three years ago that ended in a violent crash. The controversial digital asset, which was originally promoted as an alternative to national currencies such as the dollar, surged as much as $1,160, or 7% to $17,864 on Tuesday. Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance.US, speaks with Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde, Romaine Bostick and Joe Weisenthal on “What’d You Miss?” about the rise of bitcoin prices. (More)

The Bitcoin (btc) Storm Is HERE! The Market Is ON FIRE! Are You Prepared? Live Bitcoin & Crypto Analysis WIth Tom Crown!
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Learn more from the Payments Professor about how Credit risk, systemic risk, liquidity risk, operational risks, legal risks and more when it comes to working with faster payments. (More)

While other cryptos can loose 90-99% of their value overnight, Wise token has a price floor that ensures all users’ money is safe in the system. Find out how Wise innovated this technology with help from Uniswap. Wise is the best DeFi project 2021. (More)

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As is the case with any currency, #cryptocurrencies obtain their value based on the scale of community participation (consumer demand, scarcity, or token-utility as an example). Bear in mind that most of the #cryptocurrencies on the market are issued by private blockchain-related businesses, still, some #crypto value considerations will drive by the reputation and efficiency of these companies (like project feasibility and perceived value). (More)

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