A quick 10 minute video on the Crypto Markets violent rise and fall this week, and where I see the pullbacks for the Crypto Markets. Also, my updated predictions for Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, and Litecoin LTC. Finally, a quick note on the Grayscale Bitcoin Fund GBTC. (More)

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Let’s try to find out who is moving the entire market?!
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Free Crypto Documentary: Bitcoin: The Future of Money and Facebook’s Libra / Diem – The way we spend money has been changed forever thanks to the introduction of cryptocurrency. Now, Facebook has arrived just in time to change all of the rules again – The future of money is at hand and all we have to do is “Like” it. (More)

Thanks to Robz for asking Why are there so many crypto coins and if they are a majority scams. (More)

Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the crypto markets are seeing some needed pullback. Where should you start taking profits? Typically, I don’t advocate for selling into a pullback like we’re seeing. It’s usually best just to buy the dip and then take profits on the way up when you’re at or near your targets. (More)

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In this episode of the Cryptocurrency Bullpen: (LIVE) The Turbulence is Good, it Brings Back Premiums:) BTC Options and Which Cryptocurrencies have a 1,000% left to run? The Turbulence is Good! (More)

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Futures Open. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto and Market Talk. Discussion topics include NIO Day, Bitcoin All time Highs, Ethereum All time highs, is it too late for Bitcoin and Ethereum, what is up with Nio Day? (More)

Ethereum remains strong against Bitcoin, despite some of Bitcoin’s recent negative volatility. While we know that Ethereum can have a knee-jerk reaction to downside Bitcoin volatility, it can also recover quickly, and continue moving up, if Bitcoin stabilizes. In this video we take a look at this recent Ethereum strength in January (now I’m dubbing Ethuary) and note that this was in fact the 6th year in a row where we have seen a Q4 bleed of the ETH/BTC valuation, only to see a nice momentum shift in Q1 of the following year. Where do you think the price of Ethereum is headed? Let me know in the comments below! (More)

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Is Ethereum (ETH) or Cardano (ADA) the better investment? In this video, we discuss which is better for both the short and long term and what my personal strategy is for highest ROI. (More)

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Hey guys,
my new BMX v0.7 with new stock price targets for 2021. Furthermore I show you my portfolio and my strategy for the next week. I have some new charts like the forecast for the share of hashrate of the global hashrate for each company.
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In this episode of Crypto clout our friend the CryptoTuber talks about the potential for us to see a $7,000 #Bitcoin or will we see a retest of the $12,000 area and right now we are seeing this decided as we move forward and watch the global events manifest either in Bitcoin favor or what happens we will see. (More)

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Faster Fraud lessons learned from the UK faster payment system. How will those lessons learned benefit the release of faster payment solutions in the US? How does the launch of faster payments in the UK help us learn about how to launch faster payments in the US? Will there be fraud? How did the UK handle faster payments fraud? What can you do to protect yourself from fraud with faster payments? Learn more from the Payments Professor. (More)

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