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OPEC Can Still Stabilize the Market, BP Chief Economist Says

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Jun.18 — Spencer Dale, BP Plc chief economist, discusses the outlook for OPEC production and the energy market with Bloomberg’s Alix Steel on “Bloomberg Markets.”


Frankie Costello says:

We must stop the holocaust on birds and bats caused by the overuse of wind turbines and solar stations across the world. Windpower and solar energy production are both terribly disruptive and inefficient in terms of land use needed to produce the equivalent amount of electricity that can be generated by nuclear power stations which are capable of eliminating all carbon emissions in the power industry right now today. The total cost to the ecology of so called renewables is largely ignored to an extent that undermines the real damage done to the environment by overuse of such an inefficient premature technology.

Costa Michailidis says:

My guess is that in one generation (30 years or so) oil use will plummet as a percentage of total global energy use.

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