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MUST SEE ALTCOINS | Bull Market Remains Despite China FUD | Bitcoin, Ethereum Cardano Analysis

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China FUD can’t shake these Altcoins… AND My usual Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano Market Update. Turn the news OFF!
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02:10 Bitcoin Strong Support
03:32 Ethereum Still Holding
05:20 Cardano Resilient!
06:41 Altcoin GEMS Terra LUNA Cosmos ATOM Tezos XTZ
07:58 FUD!! Watch The Charts


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t-dogg gamer says:

I tried to buy the ADA dip, but by the time I was logged on it already shot up 7 cents. Still bought though, and I'm up 8 percent now ๐Ÿ˜

Unidentified Isotopes says:

We are looking at lower high no? A couple more slam should make it to the 30s…and eventually lower…

Andrei Robescu says:

Thanks for keeping us focused and for the hoopium ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Inspi Ration says:

Learning a lot every time… Thanks, Michael!

Carri Lee says:

Great. As a result of watching you, i added TOTAL 1,2 & 3 to my watchlist and kept an eye on them last night with your support zones in mind. As a result, I picked a couple of those stronger horses and bought the dip. The TIA course well and truly paying for itself. Thank you <3

Doctor 3 says:

Good video, blocking the noise is so important. Clear head = Clear skies

MWJR โ„ข says:

Nah ETH got wrecked, but ADA held its ground.

dannyD says:

So high on hopium right now.
Thanks for the market update and clearing out the FUD.
Imo Algorand and Avax look like good bets currently. I'm patiently waiting to see if a good dip is coming for Solana, and scoop up its ecosystem coins like Serum, Raydium, Solanium and etc..

AzTec Fitness says:

Another great video Mick!

Not financial advice, but to me itโ€™s still looking overall like the weak Sept we thought it would be, but holding up well enough to see a very strong Q4 similar to the 4 year pattern?

Thank you again for putting in all the work and sharing some of it with us.

Iโ€™ll look to get into TIA when the bear market comes in to develop a more astute understanding of the charts and get into some trading.


David May says:

The calm owl of crypto

Stockholm Syndrome says:

Thanks, dude!

Pingpingpinger says:

China fud might not be end yet. Remember itโ€™s only weekend in China. S&P has not reached back to the bull trend also. Likely that US stock market will continue correction next month.

john awad says:

Michael, thank you for the morning update .

Giovanni Totaro says:

Thanks Michael,
Hey is COTI looking good , chart tells me news coming

Clarkson Klopp says:

Michael I can't seem to find the 50% box in trading view that you and Jason often use. I always use a fib but find it messy. Is this a fib that you have modified in settings? Is it a paid TV feature?

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