Mark Carney proposes new stable coin to replace USD as reserve currency

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Mark Carney, Bank of England governor, proposes a new digital currency backed by a basket of currencies or goods to possibly replace USD.


dream catcher says:

Should I wait to buy Vechain till 11 sep?

CryptoBogan says:

The world banks and governments will thank XRP for showing them how to run a global digital currency but that's about it. It will eventually happen but not with any of these current cryptos. Could be bad for XRP imo.

The Smart Investor says:

Some people really don't get the point for the utility of a bridge digital asset. Even with stable coins national reserves needs to stack other national stable coins in their stash. The only revolutionary scenario is that national reserves will hold their national crypto currency(backed to gold, other goods and this bridge digital asset) and hold a standard bridge digital asset so they'll basically holding the possibility for this bridge asset to be accepted and exchanged in many other nations of the world

Joe Farrow says:

If they wanted to make a new digital currency then it will require lots of time, banks are good at buying software available and not creating their own.

Secondly if it’s a stable coin then how does it help improve anything when liquidity is still an issue and it’s no different than what we currently have! We need liquidity and xrp is the master in providing it

We are at infancy stages and ripple including xrp are well into the game. If xrp is challenged by another asset then that would be competition and this is healthy.

No doubt xrp is an amazing technology and replacing it won’t be easy at this stage. Still possible but xrp will be the first bet for many ✌️

AirForceDave says:

Will be XRP Bob.

Mishy’ XRP’ B says:

Say no more XRP Baby ☄️☄️☄️

Eric Perkins says:

The Federal Reserve is looking into their own new and backed currency for 2023.

Duane McMahon says:

would a gold backed digital currency (if introduced) impact upon the value of gold?

uwe in Hamburg says:

Total nonsense. One thing the world doesn't need is more money.
And a currency backed by gold or goods or other currencies – which gold and which goods and which money? Everything is already backing existing debt 4-5 times.
Just dangerous nonsense.

Peter Corbet says:

Imagine what it would do with the price of XRP when he would have said that it will be XRP ….. so of course he is not mentioning XRP, saying (if he really did) that it should be a new one could very well only be smoke in mirrors …. It took Ripple 5 years to develop XRP, therefore I think they very well may choose XRP, because it's well developed and meanwhile proven by banks. They won't take any risk with a brand new coin, that will be too risky ! I'm not saying it will be XRP, I only think it seems likely to me. XRP has all they need, and they like the company Ripple as well.

tigeroll says:

Now you have my interest!! Backed by precious metals. Stable coin. I could put all my money into that!

Terence Gould says:

Very beautiful location

Lazzor !! says:

Honestly with Libra and China and everyone else coming out with stable coins, I don’t know anymore

SaiiBoost says:

Looks like the military backing of USD will be worthless in the next evolution of finance and economics.

UHD Gaming PC says:

Then why is A volatile asset like xrp even needed?

Flip Vidz says:

Xrp is done

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