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Lightning Junkies Episode LNJ018 – Daniel Goldman explains why Layer 2 on Ethereum Pwns Bitcoin

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This is the eighteenth episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. On this episode of the podcast, we have Daniel Goldman talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum layer two constructions. He spends the first half of the podcast laying out the first layer two constructions, nuances of the various constructions and more! The second half of the episode, we generally contrast Bitcoin, Ethereum, and talk about Lightning at various points too.

We talk about:

Background and Bitcoin
Understanding Bitcoin/Ethereum
First Lightning Transaction
Layer 2 on Ethereum
Contrasting Different Layer 2 Solutions
Contrasting Different L2 Constructions
Porting over Ethereum L2 to Bitcoin?
Plasma/Plasma Cash
Plasma on Bitcoin?
Layer 2 Usage on Ethereum
Lightning First Mover Advantage on Bitcoin?
Ethereum Premine
Social Layer?
Privacy vs Auditability
Privacy on Layer 2
Blocksize Increase
The Block
Philosophy (David Hume)
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