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Keiser Report: Rise of Cypherpunks (E1171)

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Max and Stacy discuss the cypherpunks who created and nurtured bitcoin and what this origin tells us about the future of the cryptocurrency. Max interviews bitcoin maximalist and entrepreneur, Richard Heart, about how it is that bitcoin ‘grew up’ so fast to reach a $300 billion market cap by its ninth birthday and whether or not bitcoin is a payments system or a store of value.

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Lyndo_rm says:

Only two things matter: 1) you may earn. 2) you may keep what you earn. Nothing else matters.

Harry Sidiropoulos says:

Great report. Thank you Max and Stacy. Privacy is important and getting more and more in danger. Governments and banks try to control and regulate everything just because a) they do not understand new technology like blockchain b) the loose power over the circulating FIAT-money. We need great innovations to get the privacy back to the individual and Cloakcoin does it. It provides fast and secure transaction but more importantly it uses next-gen Enigma encryption for anonymous transaction and increases the privacy and security of the user.

Mehdi Taba says:


Nig Tau says:

Government is the LAST thing bitcoin needs! The same government behind the bailouts and quantitative easing??? GTFOH!!!

Nig Tau says:

Regulation is nonsense when the regulators are corrupt! F regulation!

Mr. Smith says:

Check out what Pillar is going to do to block chain. Good bye Iphone and Android Phones

Patrick Holt says:

The Julian Assange show covered it better.


Everything hart boy said about BTCASH was mired in personal feelings and biased by emotional interpretation. That’s a pretty pathetic way to discuss new paradigms in the age of information… and you’re not doing anyone any favors by shoving your opinion in front of data analysis.

wtfbollos says:

the people without curtains in amsterdam are hookers!

DannyMan DeBo says:

Good one …

Devgru says:

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poptypop says:

Bcashers are alinksky-ites. They accuse bitcoiners of exactly that which they themselves are guilty of. They are the banker shills. Raising the block size over and over again would put bitcoin right in the hands of multi-national corporations and nation states. Sorry but you can't keep it decentralized when your scaling "solution" is just increasing the block size. That would be like just making the room bigger for a bigger and bigger computer. It's idiotic.

Sean Boyle says:

"In January." Drop a lie like that and you've lost me. I think I'm even on his side, but coinbase said "by january 1st" not "in january." He may be on the right side of the argument but he is full of it.

Don Sanders says:

Richard Heart didn't create bitcoin, and neither did the 'core developers'. They have no more right to the Bitcoin name than me or anyone else. Anyone is free to fork bitcoin and what is considered bitcoin is up to community consensus, not decree. It's true that people haven't been doing due diligence. But Max and Stacy you're those people. Many people such as myself consider bitcoin cash to be the real bitcoin. I suspect Heart has sold much of his real bitcoin and is biased. Maybe try reading the white paper and Satoshi's email's especially those on scaling and educate yourself.

The Stupid will Inherit the Earth says:

Wow so many sockpuppets and vote bots in here! "Bitcoin Birds"

beyondmetaphysics says:

This reminds me of a parody comedy talk show. Yeah I'm going to take investment advice from these two guys.

Jaime Warlock says:

Richard is so slimy and dishonest, he fails to mention that Bitcoin was taken over Blockstream and they abandoned the original plans by Satoshi Nakamoto. There was no increase in block size for normal transactions, just some weight abomination that they claim is a block size increase, resulting in high fees and lots of unconfirmed and delayed transactions. It cost me about $80 to get a 256 byte transaction confirmed last December 2017. They should have changed the name to Bitcoin Core when they changed the original design of a peer-to-peer currency to something else. Even "Bitcoin Lightning" would have been accurate since that is what they are planning for. Bitcoin Cash is the original peer-to-peer currency that was planned by Satoshi Nakamoto. If anyone deserves the "Bitcoin" name, they do. Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin 2.0.

Michał Wawruch says:

World moving forward, technology is moving forward, unfortunately Richard is standing still refusing to move forward. Richard will be protecting Bitcoin even if everyone will forget about it.

John Tabor says:

Crypto is a marathon not a race. Bcash has short very short term answers bitcoin is working for long term solutions.

John Rhoads says:

Secrecy is proportional to privacy. As secrecy goes up, privacy does as well. The big question is in what context to use these. The only legitimate place to implement and enforce privacy and thus secrecy is in a man's home. All things and events outside a man's home should have no secrecy and thus have no claim to privacy since this implies the involvement of more than one person (non-family). Privacy and secrecy are rights to the individual and not to any group or organization. All activity outside one's home is deemed to be for the common good and that requires absolute transparency. In other words, any secrets kept by group entities is proof that they are hiding something which in effect is detrimental to the well being of the group. Secrecy among corporations, government agencies and other groups is an accident waiting to happen on a massive scale.

weepingguitars says:

This guy makes it sound like Core owns the Bitcoin "brand" and other people aren't allowed to use it. What a hypocritical douche.

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