Keiser Report: Bitcoin Boosting Japan’s GDP (E1174)

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss bitcoin boosting Japan’s GDP and ‘blockchain’ adding stock market value to random companies on the stock exchange. In the second half, Max interviews Jim Rickards in a New Year special conversation.

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slavmart says:

I trust Jim Rickards as far as I can throw him.

rick kemp says:

Rickards talks like he's had a stroke. I never understand his slurring, mumbling.

Samuel T. Steiner says:

Anyone else extremely glad that they never jumped on Max'es Bitcoin Hype train? I know I am. This 'store of value' just lost around 15% of its value in like the last 2h. Don't tell me this extremely energy-intensive virtual token is better than gold. It's a joke entirely based on hype.

Garrett B says:

Bitcoin – electricity = scam lol you people are a complete joke

Space Monkey says:

Jim Rickards is spot on. Max "you can't eat your bitcoins"

blackbird garden says:

Max and Stacey, Awesome current Keiser reports supporting true bitcoin eco-system. Charlie Shrem, Richard Heart fantastic guests. I love what I see of your new studio. Keiser Report is getting better and better. I really appreciate you.


I want that bitcoin badge



EVUK0001 says:

Bitcoin sequel to "The Big Short" looks inevitable. Possible titles alliterate beautifully:
"The Bit Short".
"Crypto Crash".
Bitcoin Bubble Burst Boom Bust – take your pick.

Paul G

EVUK0001 says:

Bitcoin mining – consuming more electricity than electric cars.
Max Schadenfreude, er, really soooo cares about "the ecology" – as he calls it. NOT !!
And neither does "SHerbert" – as I fittingly dub her.
Keiser – rarely lets anyone say anything negative about bitcoin/crypto. Typical fake-green, faux-left comfortable, have-it-both-ways consumer-materialists.
Fake revolutionaries, fake environmentalists.
Both of 'em.
Paul G

Howie Loso says:


conradgaunt says:

why is max saying the banks are using ripple ? not a single bank is using ripple .. not a single bank wants to use ripple ..because it doesn't add any value, is a flawed design .. and banks don't buy tokens to facilitate money transfers between people they trust (ie, other banks ) .. is this why ripple has been booming ?

john cale says:

When Rickards talks about his colleagues at the end – who is he referring to?

staycontent says:

Great Stuff Love M&S

carbon acid says:

Max is filthy rich and still going to work: Respect,Man!

Procommenter says:

Shoplifting & giving back to the community. When a big family shoplifts together the community benefits. A big family working harmoniously enriches the neighborhood, especially the dirty ho bitches & home boys.

d33rgod says:

19:18 Unbutton your jacket when you sit, dude… /Sigh

chris credit says:

It's ironic that as much as I bitch about the fact that the pope du jour is the anti Christ; or at least the exemplification thereof, yet I must confess, the Catholic people are as fine a folk you could ever meet. Jim is a good example of that.

Paul Nielsen says:

Stacy's facial expressions are more hilarious than anyone in movies or television.

Barrie Doyle says:

why is he not talking about DeepOnion coin

桜井龍太郎 says:

Bitcoin is not a win-win game, but a zero-sum game. Wealth is only produced by higher productivity even how smart the analyst of some brokerage house is !

Juan Claude says:

Bitcoin is a store of value not a currency.

B to the T says:

Asking Jim Rickards about cryptos, is like asking a horse and cart salesman about motor cars in victorian times

James Burt says:

But the dollar endures. . .

ForThePeopleShow says:

Jim is loosing his cred here! If we have self driving trucks, WTF happens to the drivers? Answer the question!
Don't deflect to nurses!!

basket of deplorables says:

way to go max and ruby–chicago is not a shithole

TheXV22 says:

Max needs to learn to let people talk, he loves his own voice too much

Stephen Faust says:

So where does the money come from, that boosts the GDP? Other people who already have money buying Bitcoin as gains in Bitcoin are realised? So, where is the Production in the Gross Domestic? Either that money comes from overseas, so there's no increase in Production; or money that was already within the boundary of the economy, hoarded away, is Produced (as it were) from out the dank dark cellars, and some of it moves to some other dank dark cellar, some of it may be spent along the way; but still no real Production. This leaves one to wonder why Stockmarket Trading is at all considered, relative to GDP. Surely, one might think, a Domestic Stockmarket Trade index, seperate to the GDP, would be appropriate. Hell, if I have one banana, and you buy it from me for $1; and then I buy it from you for $1; and then you &c &c &c; buy the end of the day, there may have been $1,000,000 in Stockmarket Transactions, $1, and a rather bruised banana on offer next day (unless we put it out into the Black Market, where, by then, it may well belong). Mucho Big Finanso Trado do no mayko hellfee GoDoP, Confusous saye. Tip the balance of the financial scales slightly in favour of Japanese asset holders, maybe; but not in favour of their GDP. Hot air bags: Baron Munchausen was twenty two hundred thousand years ahead of his time! (Or so it seemeth me.)

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