‘It’s like when America was discovered’: Discussing future of crypto & mining at Bitcoin Russia 2018

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Some have hailed cryptocurrencies as the future of money – others claim it’s all a bubble about to burst. Miguel Francis-Santiago takes a deeper look at how virtual currencies can be used.

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St. Mark says:

bitcoin is yidcoin. give me your gold. you can have my bitcoin.

Mino Game's says:

Just scam If you need really paid app
Top paid app in all USA

James D says:

Amerigo vespucci was a criminal who thought Asereth was India and called the natives, indians because he thought it was India and as the corruption continued the land of the norths name was changed to the Americas. Disgusting!!! Where are all the natives indians?

Joe Biden says:

The Jews trying to penetrate Russia.

Artful Dodger says:

Fuck off Russia. The world hates you.

Nuclear Brain says:

Russia is Greater than any Country in the World.

Dan Weaver says:

Is crypto not just like another pyramid scheme, but A more advanced, modern way?

Pete fromtheIsland says:

Don't you just love how America was discovered? You want to tell me all the native people who lived there did not know it was there?

Anon Wibble says:

Go Bitcoin!

Purr Cat says:

Am I supposed to use my dollar, peso, etc to buy invisible money? Something that fluctuates more wildly than the Mexican peso? Why? I want money that is based on something stable. Like when we had silver and gold coins. Throughout history….until 55 years ago

Alex Unity says:

We have always had crypto currency, it’s called credit cards.

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