Is Ecomi Really Killing VeVe NFTs Giving Unfair Advantages To American Investors??? Omi Token Crypto

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Is Ecomi Really Killing VeVe NFTs Giving Unfair Advantages To American Investors??? Omi Token Crypto | Cavell Anderson

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Byron Navarro says:

What do you mean this comunity wants hand outs . Do you know everyone in this comunity who the f are you talking like that about a group of people watch your mouth and stop bean condescending.
Why don't you share this things that helps you getting every drop
I never like you and now even less talking to us like that
Get down from your horse and stop saying you people
We make your channel dude

111punero says:

Ayy man to make it fair how bout we Americans sit one out to show the world we’re not that petty and let’s continue to grow as a community. If I don’t land a drop I don’t get mad .. I go snipe on the second market.. please let’s not ruin a good thing before it takes off guys.. Veve fam OMI HOMIE.. we don’t play that. Stop coming at Kay and cavelle and randy like they not members and ordinary Joe’s like us.

Ian Barnes says:

I teach School children that immediate gratification is what ruins people. Buy on the Market , wait and sell later for way more than what you paid for it. It's a Marathon not a Sprint.

Lawn Mowing Journey says:

Cavell is straight up 💯

Ilian Andreev says:

You're both right and wrong, new users that are not investors shouldn't be put off by never getting a drop though. If getting a drop is the only thing you can do (which it is for now). Tough situation to solve at the moment.

Jarell Escribano says:

Robert kean How do I get involved with him

Jay Rob says:

Dang.. he got a point though… stop crying.. and if we do get over a million users.. its gone be tough. Everybody can't win.. aint that what give them collectables value?!?!

sl2pickle says:

Preach!!! people need to stop bitching

Dan Benedict says:

Best video to date! People need to do the math.. 🤡 5-10% chance of landing a 30k drop

Ryan Cheah says:

Chill Cavell, you are doing great.

WeAre Together says:

I don't agree with everything you say Cavell, but really well said this time! well done. I actually think we need this in the community right now.
I feel like it's mostly Fomo that causes these reactions from people. Lets hope VeVe puts its head down one more time and keeps on going with what they are doing without changing too much of the core design.

Blaise13 says:

Even if u missed cap carter on drop could have bought for 80 gem in market and now selling for 290, that's a hell of a return so it's not all bad if you miss a drop

Anant Yadav says:

Bring back Clockgate atleast and Captcha!

Der VeVeMeister says:

You're absolutely right with your logic there buddy 👍🏽

qTRaGe says:

Throwing some truth bombs

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