How investors should react to news of China shutting down all crypto activity

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Jon Najarian joins the Halftime Report to discuss China’s new crackdown on digital currencies. Bitcoin stock plunged after this morning’s announcement. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

Bitcoin and ether tumbled Friday, with traders rattled by tough talk out of China.

The price of bitcoin fell about 5% to $42,496.12, according to Coin Metrics data. Ether, the second-largest digital currency, dropped 7% to $2,921.53.

It comes after the People’s Bank of China said in a Q&A that all crypto-related activities are illegal. Services offering trading, order matching or derivatives for virtual currencies are strictly prohibited, the PBOC said, while overseas exchanges are also illegal.

Beijing has cracked down sharply on crypto this year. The Chinese government moved to stamp out digital currency mining, the energy-intensive operation that validates transactions and produces new coins. That led to sharp slump in bitcoin’s processing power as miners took their equipment offline.

The PBOC banned banks and non-bank payment institutions like Alibaba affiliate Ant Group from providing services related to virtual currency. In July, authorities told a Beijing-based software company to shut down over its involvement with crypto trading.

Constantine Tsavliris, head of research at crypto data site CryptoCompare, said the harsh rhetoric was likely to result in a “short-term sell-off as negative news presses investors to take a conservative approach.”

“The recent news by China serves as an extension of previous announcements in May regarding a crackdown on cryptocurrency mining and bans on financial and payment institutions from crypto-related services,” Tsavliris told CNBC.

“As a result of the bans, we previously saw a short-term sell-off and a shift in mining away from China, followed by a swift recovery throughout July and August,” added.

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But why would they do such a thing

hondajacka2 says:

I've yet to see crypto be of any practical use for everyday people. Maybe for sending money to/from 3rd world countries and for illegal activities.

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The programming never stops.. notice how they always say what YOU should do with your money.. lol

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LOL it's Jina who cares. Like he said they will be left behind

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