How are Cryptocurrencies Shaping the Future? Tokens Metrics to Be a Part of It? Token Metrics AMA

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How are cryptocurrencies shaping the future?

Token Metrics to be a aprt of it?

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Nino Lazic says:

Your best video 👍

Ali Talks says:

Man, fix the audio, its a bit low. Bill's audio is perfect. I have to increase volume by 10 clicks to hear clearly to your valuable info

Rj wije says:

Ian why do you like QuarkChain
, QKC and willing to hold it long term?..plz inform..Thank you.

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Nice video! What about FBC fund and their algorithm review?

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LOL FBC fund everywhere 😀


FBC fund everywhere 😀

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is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of FBC fund and their algorithm?

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Guys! Just google: “FBC fund”! You will go nuts!

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Thanks i knew about Michael Hill! He was my professor in Oxford and told us FBC fund!


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oloi says:

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Maryland Sandman says:

CSE is releasing its new ETH staking soon. I'm not sure what day it is but its usually best to get in day 1.

Paul Hallelujah says:

Elon is Satoshi. TM Marst,io blog

Bo Bo says:

I am very excited and concerned about AI and all discerning or programmable tech. I believe the biases of humans are inserted within the tech. Until we get a grip on that I am very afraid of what will happen to people who look like me.

Unless many MORE people who look like me get into this at EVERY level.

star u no me says:

Hi brothef my name is star im fromthe uk. Do hve zny SUGGESTIONSon what alt coins may be agood idea on coinbase. Only your oppinion

Horror Station says:

Love From India ♥️

Basic_Attention_ Woman says:

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