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Google bans bitcoin adverts

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Internet giant Google has landed a major blow for Bitcoin – after it was announced adverts for the cryptocurrency would be removed from its platforms.
Bitcoin’s valuation hit a low for March on Thursday – trading at under 8-thousand dollars following an 11% drop in 24 hours.

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Saoirse Frawley says:

This is a good thing for cryptocurrency.

Un Banked says:

Instead of listening to this click bait speculation, ask yourself
1. Is the person speaking an expert, in other words do they at least know how to buy Bitcoin – no.
2. Do they realise Bitcoin doesn't need to fit into the existing system – no.
3. Do they understand there is no such thing as cross border transactions with Bitcoin – no.
4. Do they understand why Bitcoin was created and why governments and incumbent businesses might have another agenda – no.
5. Are they recommending speculators as oracles of the technology (sorry John McAfee) – yes.
1. Don't invest more than you can lose in any asset.
2. Learn from people like Andreas Antonopoulos, Craig Wright(nChain), Rick Falkvinge (we are all satoshi), Max Keiser, Roger Ver etc etc (people that have been in the space for more than 5 seconds).
3. Learn some basics about economics and what money is.
4. Buy Bitcoin…

kim dav says:

Google is the final overlord bosses we plebs must face in the far technocratic dystopian future. Get ready, arm up, get knowledgeable.

Jay Sauter says:

they want in low

Playster says:

In the future fiat will be worthless and wars will be fought over bitcoin's!

CYMetro1985 says:


Tom Tom says:

(((Shut it down)))

The Phoenix fiŕe says:

When have the media and Google cared if we lose on an investment? This has made me want to invest more than anything else. The fact that the media jumped on board with Bitcoin made me reluctant but now I fancy a bit…

MrAdambik says:

Millions of people lose money on the stock market. Is google going to stop any type of promotion of stocks?

One of Five says:

google and facebook are not the friends of humanity. whatever they do it's for the benefit of crooks, thievs and liers.

Greezyhair says:

This act will only move people over to Steamit and it will have zero effect on bitcoin but a big effect on YouTube and FaceBook viewership. I can watch shows on Steamit and get paid just for commenting or sharing the story. Stupid move by Google and FaceBook for allowing government control of their respective businesses. Steamit resides on the block chain and no government can control it. I would recommend any content creator working news stories to also stream to Steamit to protect themselves from unwarranted bans.

Casey Bowman says:

Google is now censuring you! But not the casinos.

No Name Provided says:

The ads are mostly for scammy ICOs and altcoins. Now there will just be less people giving their money to scammers and more people buying Bitcoin.

naturalphilosophy says:

They will buy it up and then change their minds and boom they make a fortune.

David K Smith says:

(RFID) Radio Frequency Identification / Quick response code / QR code, will be the mark to be used in a digital cashless economy, which is what China uses to buy and sell, India etc… and Amazon shopping uses the QR code, so that those who shop in an Amazon supermarket, can do so by having the QR code scanned in their smartphones, which later, the QR code will become a compulsory mark, any are to recieve in their right hands, or upon their foreheads, in order to buy and sell in a cashless world wide society.

Voltage controlled Ovulator says:

Hahaha too late google the tools to skull fu*k the central banks are out and you can't stop it

quetzo 126 says:

So the reason for existence of Bitcoin is that nobody likes control and regulations of the fiat currencies, yet he is saying that what we need, is governments to put more regulations on Bitcoins. Banks keep investing a lot of money in Bitcoin, that means they will want to have control/protection over their investments which means regulations by Governments. And using Bitcoins as replacement for current currencies? How you gonna get paid in Bitcoin, save for retirement, take mortgage, stop criminals or corrupted governments laundering their money? Good job for those who made a lot of money from it but Bitcoin as real currency is fantasy.

jester says:

cede & co. has decided.


Central banks are trying to eliminate the competition.

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