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Mining BTC in the browser 30 $ -100 $ per month Without investment at full liability
Buy / Sell Bitcoin at a favorable rate
Investments in cloud mining 20% ​​-50% per year
Cryptocurrency trading with a top robot 8% -40% per month
Top Exchange cryptocurrency trading
Required wallets for work
1) Payeer
2) Advcash
3) LocalBTC
The most fair bitcoin lottery
The CryptoTab browser is based on a smart algorithm that dynamically switches mining between several cryptocurrencies in order to maximize profits up to 8x compared to continuous mining of only one currency. Depending on the complexity of mining in the network and stock exchange rates, the script automatically switches the mining to the most profitable currency at the moment. Next comes the conversion of all funds into Bitcoin, so your balance is displayed in BTC. We convert all funds into Bitcoin, because at the moment it is the dominant cryptocurrency.

Share your personalized link to CryptoTab browser with friends and earn extra income at BTC, depending on the amount of their mining. Be active and get tens of thousands of dollars! Copy your personal link through the menu in the plugin, share it on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, in forums, chats, etc. Use all available resources to promote and grow your network and it will pay off in the future! And hurry – in the near future the number of nesting levels of the network of friends will be reduced for newly registered users.

Start inviting friends right now so that your affiliate network grows as fast as possible. The sooner you start, the higher your position will be in the future. Motivate them to get high passive income – it really works!

We will charge you a percentage of the income of each user of the CryptoTab browser who has registered through your link. Your affiliate network will be distributed up to level 10 nesting friends. Calculate how big your network can be and how much you can earn – use the income calculator.

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