Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 can make you RICH RICH RICH!

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Ethereum 2.0 can make you RICH!

DEFI Update

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This channel is all about DEFI and Polkadot: our community meets and shares information.

Please be advised that I am not a financial expert or a cryptocurrency expert. I am just a person making videos for entertainment. As such, you should not make any decisions based upon the information in my videos, as they are for entertainment purposes only. Before making any financial decisions, you should contact a professional financial adviser. I have zero expertise in anything financial, so please disregard anything I say.The top DEFI Channel on the Planet!


Alan Ellis says:

Nice job!!!

tommy audio says:

ever looked into AMP, formerly Flexa??

jyfromcq says:

What do you think of the Fanny Pack coming out of CORE soon? The world's most expensive Fanny Pack?

Crypto Chik says:

Such a great channel! Would like to know ur thoughts on VOX.Finance?

Wilder says:

We have the Eth now 2.0 is a go……

Enrique Sousa says:

Our shop for bitcoin, ethereum or binance products (t-shirts, wallets, etc …) and mining equipment. @t

Crypto Tiger says:

333crypto is the #1 crypto youtuber

adrian stewart says:

Love ya Gordon. You sound like a Gordon. I love Gordon’s

Business 2020 says:

But still not rich… show ur portfolio to see how rich u r

anonimo nimoano says:

LETS GO ETH TO 5k, ETHY to 500 usd!

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