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Engineering Freedom – Dan Larimer & Mike Maloney on EOS, Bitcoin & More

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Which cryptocurrencies does Mike own? What is ‘DeFi’? We’ve been receiving many questions about blockchain lately, hopefully a great deal of them will be answered in this amazing discussion between Dan Larimer and Mike Maloney. Note: This is a longer video, but make sure you watch it until the end to learn about what Mike says is ‘one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever heard’. Download Mike’s best-selling book for free here: Thanks for sharing and clicking that ‘Like’ button. For those wondering why our videos don’t appear in their subscription feed immediately – we release our clips to our free weekly email readers first, then later we publish to YouTube. Sometimes it’s just hours, sometimes it’s a couple of days later. This is to encourage people to join our free newsletter – because one day, we may not have YouTube to rely on. Join our free newsletter list by going to and entering your email address in the ‘Get Market Alerts’ box at the bottom of the page. As always, thank you for your support. M.

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GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) says:

Thanks so much for tuning in, please share the link and click the thumbs up. Add your questions below, I can't answer them all but if there is a recurring theme I'll grab those. Download my book for free here: Want to know what is coming? Watch this: Join our free newsletter here and get notified of new videos first: THIS IS A LONG VIDEO – MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THROUGH TO THE END – DAN'S VOTING IDEA IS BRILLIANT

Geng Yin says:

⚠️ Caution w/ PEDOPHILES involved In EOS⚠️ . Brock Pierce was listed as one of the EOS co-founders and even took on the role of Chief Strategy Officer. Look up “Brock Pierce scandals”

O.J. Matthew says:

FYI Crypto Currencies aren't completely reliant on the Internet. Some less developed countries have managed to do transactions via Text/SMS which will help to bring mass adoption.

Hal Hutchinson says:

Great interview!

Goldengilgamish Goldengilgamish says: use metamask

Tracy T says:

Yes, Dan, please keep pursuing this! Excellent!

YV Y says:

Apparently J Powell has been talking to the people and the only thing they told him, coz he loves democracy, is "inflation is not high enough J." Apparently the people, he is elected by…, said "we want to pay 3% more each year for our food and gas and rent J"
Can you believe he is allowed to get away with this BS?

Brenda Stock says:

Love this! “Engineering freedom versus fighting for freedom”. Boom. Paradigm shift.

Brian Jenkins says:

Excellent interview.

Crypto elf says:

China BSN gave the world a heads up on what to start buying. Also underlings like liquidity providers such as THorchain that can provide liquidity to any network without needing to wrap tokens. TEzos is by the far the best.

J. B. says:

Blockchain technology, no matter how it is trotted out as something beneficial and hopeful, will turn out to be yet another system of control, and it will end up doing what all systems of control (over We the People) do: it will end up oppressing us. I do NOT trust cryptocurrencies. A crypt something which contains something dead. A cell, as in 'cell' phones, is something which captures one, and holds you, denying you of your freedom. Just because you cannot see the walls, and the systems of containment now, it does NOT mean you won't see them, soon. I investigated government corruption, and saw and heard firsthand how a faction of fascists (luciferians, is what they called themselves) within our government, in concert with others in their group (of devil worshipers) within corporations (and what is a corporate entity? It is a dead body) have conspired to overthrow our country, to create a one world government. They call their weapons against us: silent weapons for quiet wars. I heard out of their own mouths, for decades, what their plans were, as they tried to 'convince' me to join the masonic 'temple', first by trying to bribe me, and then by trying to kill me. After each of the unsuccessful attempts, of the scores of attempts on my life, they'd come back with bags of money, and promises to get me whatever I wanted, if I'd just join them, to which I politely declined, because I believe in Yeshua, and His Promise. The same people behind 'cryptocurrencies', at the 'top', are the ones trying to overthrow our country, and control the world.

J C says:

EOS is a amazing chain but the market has decided ETH as the winner and will only grab more market share as 2.0 is rolled out.. Also Polkadot has way more hype at the moment then EOS.. no one really wants to develop on EOS unfortunately. No real adoption.. Dan is a genius but thats how its playing out

Al Mack says:

guys vote Jo Jorgensen – not just cause she's a woman but if it works for you she's a woman, then do it!
Failing that, vote biden. like seriously! if biden is president, that means the system will crash sooner, so we'll spend more of our lives in the new system that's bound to be better.

IMissLiberty says:

"Randomization" is the method that the 13 colonies used to form a libertarian government. 13 colonies with different values randomly negotiated maximum freedom because they were each different, but had to work together to secure emancipation from King George's whims.

dom j says:

WHat if I give the 9 other people 50K for their vote?! Then what?!

Dorin Gagarin says:

use CDN500bestBFF as a promo code buy some chances and after that withdraw and baaang have 0.04 BTC in your wallet

Urs Malo says:

Simple question: If EOS is such a amazing project, why does the price not reflect that? I hold some EOS for more than two years and I am still down 60 % on my investment.

Bob Hen says:

I like how Mike is getting better and better with interviews. He hardly interrupted, he apologized for doing it once. So much better than certain interviews done by Robert Kiyosaki for instance. Keep up the good work Mr. Maloney!

J H says:

Who knew that Micheal Cera was woke?!

A D says:

Is EOS, Tether and a few other Cryptos controlled by the same group and it's not decentralized? I understand decentralized to be better.

harry viking says:

Imaging getting rid of all these professional corrupt scumbag politicians!! What an earthquake that would bring!!

Matthe van Daalen says:

Of all chains:EOS. Dan the man confusing everybody. Look at Mike’s face

Glenn Murphy says:


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