Did Facebook's Ad Ban Cause Losses For Cryptocurrency Investors?

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Did Facebook’s Ad Ban Cause Losses For Cryptocurrency Investors?
Andrew Hamilton is a lawyer leading a class action against Facebook & other tech giants for their cryptocurrency ad ban. He believes this was clearly anti competitive behaviour despite all the scams at the time.
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Class action: https://www.jpbliberty.com/class-member-signup

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Nugget's News says:

🎓 To accelerate your understanding of cryptocurrency and acquire all the tools required to become a successful cryptocurrency investor & trader. Join Nugget’s Crypto Community: https://nuggetsnews.com.au/nuggets-crypto-community/

Peter Rayet says:

I was scammed by value dawn

Shane Richardson says:

Does anyone know about action against CRYPTOPIA????

Crows 2332 says:

Did your video today, re: gold, silver, crypto and "conphiscation", get removed by you, or the corrupt powers to be?

Lulu Yannu says:

Digital and Crypto are included in this bill, so Crypto not exempt

H Man says:

Wow, what a clever fellow. Thanks.

Shane Marquis says:

I visited a new dentist yesterday and after some initial chit chat, we mutually revealed our interest in Crypto. It turns out he is a member of the Nugget community – a channel I have been watching for some time now. It was really refreshing to be able to enjoy a conversation with a similarly interested fellow early adopter. As recently as 6 months ago, I would never have thought that a well informed conversation about this emerging market would take place by happenstance with a stranger who had their hands in my mouth lol. Times are a'changin

Keith Attlesey says:

Alex, thanks for exploring some different content. In my personal opinion, Mr. Hamilton’s position is unsupported by law and fact.

Saying things like “there are actually very few scams” and the number of ”crypto scams is very, very small,” destroys his credibility. Say what you want about Facebook, but if Facebook had continued knowingly allowing scams to advertise, they would have been in real lawsuits, lawsuits that actually have merit.

The evidence about scams will come from hired experts, not some obscure report. Facebook’s experts will say that the reason they banned ads is because the majority of ICO’s were scams and unsuspecting, novice investors were getting fleeced.

Also, anyone who has litigated a case knows that it’s disingenuous to make statements like: “to anyone who understand it, it’s actually an easy case to prove” and “the law is crystal clear here, and they breached it.” Very few cases are crystal clear or easy to prove. That’s why we have a judicial process that Mr. Hamilton admits may take up to five years to consider these allegedly “clear” and “easy” claims.

I doubt this case will even be certified as a class action.

Conscious Crypto says:

The losses were actually even more than your guest stated. For example, what about people who were selling crypto related products like courses, groups, newsletters, etc.? They lost direct sales by being forbidden advertising legitimate products simply because the products were on the topic of crypto.

The Sapien says:

I wonder what he's looking at. Is he day-trading while doing this interview? lol

Lulu Yannu says:

Hi nuggets, did u hear the latest 10,000 cash limit bill for Australia that parliament is trying to pass in August !!! IN THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE just posted a video on this sneaky bill they trying to pass !!! I suggest all Aussies contact their gov to oppose this tyranny and control .

pgale says:

Lot of ummms , arrs and you nos for a supposed world class lawyer

kate mclaughlin says:

he knows australlian law. But apparrently his missed all the no win no fees ads that have been played on aussie tellie for atleast five years ?? seeked out a law suit my self for no win no fee quite a few years ago now . But no americans would no about the no win no fee concept not us aussies apparently ??scam scam

daydreams4rock says:

thanks Alex – I signed up

kate mclaughlin says:

My scammy spider tingles are rising love the idea and if their is a way it should be done but seriocly for a starters they should have some open crypto boards atleast behind them first and who have the money for a legal department behind to do the shit test first and its a new company started just for this action??? and he can run off to israil anny time

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