DeFi 2.0 Getting Started? Crypto Market Update | Token Metrics AMA

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DeFi 2.0 getting started?

Crypto market update.

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Greg Simmons says:

I live in Australia you listen to so much BS.
Use your same intuition that got you into crypto and apply to research into this do called pandemic.
It had only one purpose bankrupt the USA then the commos can do what they like.

Trade signals from cryptotribesmen on Telegram says:

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The Mexican Kitchen says:

Truth is, most retailers don't have ethical luxury to wait for say link to go up already. It's been a very long time and especially pandemic conditions, as much as ppl wld love to, do not allow to keep up-down 0 profit coins no matter how wonderful the project is.

Nickitro says:

Nice video! What about Vectra Coin algorithm review?

fedsim55 says:

Nice try, but read about Vectra Coin algorithm first

Status BRO says:

LOL Vectra coin everywhere 😀

Nilmson says:

Vectra Coin algorithm everywhere 😀

Animation guruji says:

Guys! Just google: “Vectra Coin”! You will go nuts!

Stath says:

Why are you watching this!? Read about the Vectra Coin!

study with zero says:

Yes Yes! Read everything, and then say that you did not know about Vectra Coin!

Pagal Dunya says:

Guys! If you want to really go nuts, enter in google: Vectra Coin


Thanks i knew about Michael Ross! He was my professor in Oxford and told us about Vectra!

Marc Carby says:

Love the in-depth analysis Bill!!! Can you break down Matic at some point please. I'm hodling a big bag of Matic. Thx

Michael Lee says:

I kept waiting for this to end as most TM vids are like 4 mins and I look up and see 27 mins haha

Michael Lee says:

I tried to join with the discount on Nov 29th and it didn’t work, then I emailed support and they said it was expired. But you just said in the prior video that people joined from Black Friday to cyber Monday, so support was pretty useless and now I’m not a member

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