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D’CRYPT – S01 EP 17 180522

We hear a lot about how blockchain is revolutionizing business, but as traditional business leaders, we often don’t know where to start. Today, we welcome a top advisor for companies embarking on blockchain-enabled digital transformation. He is also the co-executive director of Crypto Valley Association, which has propelled Switzerland as the world’s most prominent and advanced crypto nation. Our guest, Sheraz Ahmed, has advised hundreds of organizations about the business and socio-economic benefits of blockchain and how to navigate the blockchain ecosystem and now he’s here on D’Crypt to share this insight with us!

Partisia Blockchain Foundation is the proud sponsor of D’Crypt, a weekly series by Jennifer de Broglie on I24 News English and French channels. The series works for digital inclusion through the creation of thought-provoking programs dedicated to technological culture, specifically blockchain, crypto-finance and cybersecurity. So have a look and better understand how digital innovation can impact and empower your life! Each week, we bring you top minds to enlighten and inspire you… AND leave you with their tips to leverage the opportunities that await you!

i24NEWS, available in more than 1B households, is an Israeli-based international 24-hour news and current affairs television channel broadcast in French, English and Arabic, owned by Patrick Drahi. i24NEWS’ coverage is to a large extent due to the special make-up of the channel: more than 150 journalists (diplomacy and defense correspondents, anchors, editors, producers and journalists) who hail from 35 different countries and who work together to battle prejudice and ignorance through facts and diversity.


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