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DAY in the life of a Nigerian DATA ANALYST / PYTHON programmer

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Eze Juliet says:

Please, what is the school name and how much does it cost?

Kokoh Rosemary says:

This is my first time on this channel and I really enjoyed this video.
My dear you are real and funny😁🤣

Sandy BossLady says:

Do video on data analytics, let know if you know the program. I open this video thinking you want to lecture us on that never know it was story telling

Tami Adogu says:

How much do data analyst get paid here in nigeria??????

Sewphilia Studio says:

what school are you attending and the name of the program. I am a data analyst but I also want to add some software engineering skills

Joseph Adorboe says:

i am also a software engineer. web and mobile i do php8 , CSS , jquery, javascript, angular MYSQL and Mongo DB . i would love to learn python too . Good work keep it up. Programming is hard but rewarding

Priscilla Ayerite says:

My sister from another mother! Like me, you too restless🤣! I think I have an idea why? Looks like you too intelligent so maybe not intellectually stimulated by your 3003events? You so so good at it though! Looks like your gifting from God somehow. the question is, Is it possible to be in your gifting without being fulfilled? Just wondering!

Maame Abenawa Aidoo says:

You can install a virtual machine ( e.g Oracle virtualbox , VMWARE fusion) and have the windows operating system on it and run your stuff from there on case you still have issues running them directly on the MacBook

Kae says:

Keep it up Asy 👍🏾. I’ve been in and out of programming since 2017, briefly worked in a software company but I didn’t see growth prospects so I ran back to law. I want to get back into programming again I suffer and sacrifice to learn but still love it. Your vlogs are encouraging me to give it one more try again

enoh akem says:

Baby M is a whole mood. Scared of leaves LMAO

Helen opere says:

The man said the question is ready 😂 🤣 I kinda miss going to class oh

Linda frances says:

I love you already for this.

Ekwustosi Agiriga says:

Smart baby Micah 😘❤️

Abena's World says:

Ur confidence, beauty, brains and hard work is so cool. My sister the struggle is real oo

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