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Cryptolium: Want to be rich? Take advice from cryptomillionaire

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Blockchain technology is being actively discussed in Russia.
World experts and innovators met in Russia’s version of Silicon Valley – Skolkovo – to raise important issues surrounding the future of blockchain.



DarkSideSixOfficial says:

In Cryptocurrency, the masses are the law.

ltmikepowell says:

Hope cryptocurrency will be GOLDS or SILVERS backed in the blockchain.

brent craig says:

any type of digital currency is not reliable period!

Claude François Simard says:

Renovate restore bankruptcy buildings you will be rich.

alexxs S says:

well once im dead i will no longer need money, so im ok thks.

Voltage controlled Ovulator says:

Its funny how the cattle think its Fake or a scam. They been feeding of the titts of the FED for too long. I Pay around $800 or so on rent and Cryptos have not let me down month after month for 6 years. I guess rational thinking is grate to have after all.

rolland mousseaux says:

wealth created out of thin air is a familiar economic system…….run by those same folks who brought the planet debt slavery…..another jew empire scam for certain if it is tied in any way to central banks

Advant Garde says:

blockchain are chased by those who thinks the future is bright and prosperous. gold and silver are for those who thinks the future is brim and apocalyptic.

Walter Wachs says:

Blockchain is to slow & uses to much energy, it forks & it is manipulated keep getting sucked in

Holman Garcia says:

Guys read the HOLY BIBLE IN REVELATION 1_22 explain everything step by steps how satan and his demons are going to take the whole world, before THE HOLY AND ONLY GOD ALIVE JESUS CHRIST COME BACK.

IN JOHN 3;16 explain how we get save and restore to normally,so we don't have to perish with all this evil people.

IN REVELATION 20;10 explain where we are going when we die,so you choose where you want to end,but you better choose today because tomorrow is to late.

Don't let Satan and his demos take you to hell.


Слава Мајци Русији Слава Србији и Космету says:

Make me rich!

Shan Ri Ha says:

This is nothing more than total control, people who think Blockchain will change anything are wrong. TPTB have the Cash to destroy or own any currency they want. Remember that.

Karen O says:

Glad You understand it ~ Wind's Up > >> go Sailing

Sam S says:

May the block chain processors used for AI (artificial intelligence) for new world order ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Pepevision!! says:

Tell me is your crypto going to be effrctive if and emp gies off?

Bazooka Joe says:

What can you get with monopoly money

Number Eight says:

Nothing more than electronic tokens which the state will eventually embed in its fiat currency while placing enough regulatory burden on other non govt tokens to nullify them, the govt wants to secure its tax base.

Hardcore Panda says:

TRON(TRX) is the future. fast and super cheap TX fee.

Peter Panino says:

Merge spirituality with BlockChain – and you have the ultimate tool to become rich.

tom conti says:

want to be a cunt, be a shitraeli or americunt.

VenAvien says:

Communist trying to be hippie.. Feed your people first! They're starving! I wouldn't trust my privacy to this dictators! Freedom will always prevail!

Meta Borg says:

everything is controled, if you are small and not into the same picture with the same old fucking energy, then we are out. so everything is basically bullshit.

xyi says:

if they think they will force people to hand the government their private keys people will just leave the country to some non totalitarian place

Sheeple are Lame says:

Fraud Fraud Fraud.

Big Bigg says:

Israël is minting gold and silver coins

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