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Cryptolium: Blockchain to boost Hollywood film-making industry?

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The aspects of blockchain technology is becoming so valuable that Hollywood has directed its attention to it. Miguel Francis-Santiago spoke to the American actor Wesley Snipes about possible implementing this new technology in film-making industry.

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Panda Demuffin says:

Yooo Wesley threw the triple 6 yooo

Cal Bono says:

Takes a special kind of idiot to think that government would allow a publicly hashed crypto to replace their own currencies or even be used as a currency widely.

Anyone invested in public crypto today is either a criminal manipulating its value, or a complete and utter moron.

Crypto is the future and governments will hash their own under strict intl monitoring or just receive it from a well regulated and monitored intl issuing entity.


Triglav says:

I would go for energy backed currency. I don't mind blockchain. I think it provides natural environment for the implementation of the law of conservation of energy.

Walter Wachs says:

Cryptocurrency startup Hedera announced plans to launch a new virtual currency platform in the second half of this year. So far, Hedera has raised $18 million in funding from accredited investors, including cryptocurrency holding company Digital Currency Group. The Hedera Hashgraph Platform, formerly known as Hashgraph, is not built on a blockchain, the technology that underpins most crypto networks. It uses a different mathematical approach called a directed acyclic graph (DAG). CEO Mance Harmon says it will be able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. By comparison, Bitcoin typically processes less than 10 transactions per second, and Ethereum usually processes less than 25.

NATO Spear Head says:

Wesley, love it dude.

FixedByDoc . com says:

you cant spend it on essentials at any local stores and its value fluctuates so badly that today you may have $5K today but tomorrow you will only have $5 dollars lol… it will never be a stand alone viable currency and will always need a physical component such as USD to make it usable. you cannot buy your groceries from the neighborhood store or get gasoline for your car or pay your utility bills or buy a movie ticket or take your spouse to dinner with it. you cannot go buy a car or house with it. all you can do is trade it for other worthless crypto coins and find someone gullible enough to give you real money for it that you can actually spend. crypto cant exist without a form of cash like USD to support it.

FixedByDoc . com says:

crypto is worthless!

Dante 888 says:

As long as Hollywood acts as America's propaganda tool it will continue to decline because it has nothing to do with art.

Bert says:

Putin is weak.
He still hasn’t retaliated for the air strikes in Damascus. ?
He will do nothing.
He is weak.

Melvinnn11 says:

LMAO to all the crypto haters in the comments below…. we will see who has the last laugh. You can only deny the future for so long.

Sheeple are Lame says:

Wow rich people can't afford to pay more taxes yet rich people can afford spend millions making themselves richer & people wonder what's wrong with the world.

iamkitkatbar says:

A massive SCAM

truthseekers says:

nah you're not an artist, con artist maybe, that's what actors are, liars. Purveyors of the suspension of disbelief. Words of deception are hard to determine without a critical mind.
HYPE Snake oil

gotip58 says:

Crypto currencies – Pyramid scheme

It's the currency of corruption and people hiding money… Who better to support it than a convicted tax evader… LMAO

Moise Nash says:


Horselover Phat says:

Snipes = FAGGOT.

Horselover Phat says:

Fuck Zionist Hollywood. This place that serves-up Zionist programming (for the Goy sheep) needs BURNING TO THE GROUND.

blackrain303 says:

Island-Wide Blackout Hits Puerto Rico

BlackApostate says:

Wesley Snipes said fuel or GAS…… that's antisemitic.

Alpha plus says:

The only thing that can boost jewleewood is to get rid of all talentless cunts with connections that in for the money and political correctness that ruined almost all of the new movies .

Heiner Ali says:

Ha…ha…ha…promoting the future slave / spy grid…o…its for your own good of course !!!

Michigan Deplorable says:

Welcome back Wesley

Hear Urincite says:

This is some stupid ass shit! You could not figure out how to invest before blockchain? Money is wasted on the rich sometimes lol.

j b says:

It’s like you want us to see 666

RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

Wesley Snipes hasn't been the same since the IRS had him locked up.

temudjin1155 says:

and bittorrent gonna bring it down

TwennyGee says:

Block chain will fix everything? You know why?
Because the elites socially engineered a currency which is a digital one world currency and they made you adopt it of your own free will.
Blinded by greed and the material world.
Worse than fool. Passionate fools.

Wizards third rule: passion rules reason.

yo 777 says:

and most of all i hate that black ass weslie snipes

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