Cryptocurrency Crash! China FORBIDS Crypto Activities | Crypto News

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Youbeetwobee says:

I think this will be a good thing in the long run that more Chinese miners are shut down. We don't need such a high percentage of Chinese miners of Bitcoin. The price will eventually stabilize and start climbing at a normal rate.

vielcollins says:

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Kim Jack says:

Born an investor, always an investor.
I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Invest some of it if you want financial freedom.

Meria Kenney says:

Who really care about what those Crooks doing nobody care about what they doing they ain't nothing but a bunch of crooks anyway that I'm have a happy day Lord Lord Jesus bless America that's what I say

Animal Shelter Support Cash - ASSCash says:

Keep it up!

neelclk63black says:

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Luca says:

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MW Productions says:

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Sean Davies says:

Just a heads up for you guys – $FairLife – the humanitarian project is MOONING HARD right now! This coin can not be kept down!
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Kimberly Licorish says:

I doubt the government of China is no longer buying Bitcoin. They have been buying up gold and the US dollar for awhile. Could this be the strategy, to affect the price of Bitcoin, and then invest millions if not billions after the crash?

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