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Tezro is your profitable and most secure currency and cryptocurrency exchange tool.
Go to “Tezro Echange” account in Chats section. Here you can see all available bids in real-time.
To place your bid, specify the amount and currency you want to sell and the currency you want to buy.
Set the waiting timer.
During that time, you will receive notifications of exchange options selected for you by Tezro.
Choose the one that suits you best .
Consent all exchange terms directly with another Tezro user.
And make a secure transaction without any fees or intermediaries.
Enjoy quick and secure currency exchange with Tezro.

We are all in a dynamically developing digital space today.
Cryptocurrencies are an integral part of the digital financial ecosystem.
An element for today technologically complex, high-risk and
legally indefinite.
The speed at which cryptocurrencies will enter our life will depend, first of all, on positions of governments and central banks.
And the best behavior strategy in relation to cryptocurrencies is
obtaining the necessary amount of knowledge to understand the processes taking place, common sense and due diligence.

Most attacks aim to take possession of the private key that
will allow you to withdraw funds from the wallet. It is impossible to pick it up, but stealing from inexperienced users is not difficult.
Listed below are a few simple but very effective
ways that will help protect cryptocurrency from theft and save
their transfers in secret:
▪ Create multiple wallets;
▪ Beware of any service offering storage of your
funds online;
▪ Use “cold” storage;
▪ Use hardware wallets


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