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Cryptocurrencies are a very bad idea, and I explain why.

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0:22 Cryptocurrencies are a bad idea — Part 1
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Currently, the amount of electricity required to solve the hash algorithm required for bitcoin is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by Sweden in a year; more than 6 times more than the amount used by Scotland. The more computers, and thus more electricity, used to solve the equation, the more difficult the target number becomes to solve; and therefore more computers and electricity needed, in an endless loop of stupidity.

Libtards and woketards claim they are green, yet they have embraced this idiotic technology whole-heartedly — one would hope, ignorant of the amount of energy and expense required to maintain said infrastructure.

There are some really good, basic, explanations for how elliptic curve cryptography and bitcoin work, so if I’m incomplete, or otherwise hash up the explanation, there are many resources available. The point being, is that I understand this math thoroughly and have a solid foundation as to why I know-I-know that cryptocurrencies are a profoundly stupid idea.


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